The Limitations of Will

The Limitations of Will
The Limitations of Will

Bound by the will, we regulate
every passing thought and action,
each one to mirror our wants
our so presumed needs,
yet this tethering is complete,
as if chained to all we think we want,
and like a cascade it falls over every aspect of life,
coloring it with the intensity of dreams,
to forge life, what we believe to be right.

But what if our will is wrong,
our wants and needs a delusion,
a collective of reasoning that upholds our ego,
and in truth leads us to entanglements of despair,
when life cares not about our will;
and imagine not being driven by will,
by yearning need,
instead conceding to life’s movement,
as free as a leaf on a summer breeze.

True freedom is living in the ‘now’,
unencumbered by the self and striving,
just being within the limits of physical life,
and the infinite possibilities of the mind,
where freedom is the key to everything;
and consider this,
the will and needs we so strive for
are mostly born out of fear,
an assurance to provide protection.

Relenting on fear opens doors
to infinite scope in life,
rather than building walls of contentment,
based upon not losing what we have;
but is that contentment: I think not,
contentment is like accepting less for stability,
when life should have no bounds at all,
and the mind a vessel of discovery,
free to explore this gift of life.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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2 thoughts on “The Limitations of Will

  • May 15, 2017 at 12:14 PM

    “True freedom is living in the ‘now’,” – that is so true, Tony. The will and needs can overshadow what sets us free to just be. Great expressions and thoughts. Well done.

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