Maddy and the Two Cockatoo

The Two Cockatoo
Two Cockatoo without the heart to lift…


Maddy lived uphill on Toklas lane,

she lived comfortably with her past gain.


We met her downtown at a coffee stop

when she was taking a break from a shop.


Through the crowd a waitress served our coffee,

Maddy preferred to have a cup of tea.


Over steaming hot brew she shared her life,

so many long years she spent as a wife.


Her years in Paris before the war,

how they were fed even though they were poor.


A loaf of bread for a poem she said,

a glass of wine for a story she read.


These were the memories of Montparnasse,

her memories of art, her memories of loss.


Stories of war and stories of place,

it was hard for my friend and I to pace.


After we decided to buy a gift,

two Cockatoos without the heart to lift.


Located among the kittens and pups

sipping their cold water from yellow cups.




With cage in hand we journeyed to her home,

zig-zag trails with Ceanothus bloom.


The smell of Honeysuckle in the air,

under each tree a bench where couples share.


To Maddy’s home a Victorian rise,

to deliver to Maddy our new prize.


Where she smiled and accepted the two birds

and left us with a cocktail of her words.


Soon this deed got out to all Maddy’s friends,

suddenly Parrots and Budgies were trends.


Maddy found herself with African Greys,

Cockatiels, a Macaw, and other strays.


She built an aviary in her house

all from this meeting at the coffee house.


An Aviary where each Parrot’s red

reflected onto the pantry and bed.


She took care of them and lived a long time,

always happy beyond her youth and prime.


Through the years she was cushioned by bird’s wing,

woken daily when the Budgies would sing.




I saw her once more when she was quite old,

“Well,” she whispered in bed, “the truth be told


I never liked Cockatoos, really birds.”

We laughed at the humor of her last words.



Jamie Lee Hamann
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Jamie Lee Hamann

My name is Jamie Lee Hamann and I have a passion for writing short fiction and poetry. I started writing for TCE around 2015 and since then I have finished seven collections of poetry and plans for more. I currently live in Lemmon Valley NV with my family. If you desire to find my other work on the internet feel free to stop by my website The website offers articles on poetry, poems, and links to all my other writing.

4 thoughts on “Maddy and the Two Cockatoo

  • July 24, 2017 at 7:08 PM

    A grande story, filled with humor and colorful jumping out verse. I’ve always loved birds of every color, yet the Raven its shiny dark coat most appealing to this bird. Too many in an aviary filled home would drive me insane from the noise they expound. Enjoyable read my friend,


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