Echoes, Experience and Choices

Echoes, Experience and Choices
Echoes, Experience and Choices

Raised in the moral bastion of mother’s mind,
I grew in balance but not in kind,
predilections not to override
my seeking truth and how to reason life’s ride,
and still with balance I remain today,
the echoes of her quiet refrains
reach the soul in me to say,
yet I want more than this soul can see or hear,
so I replenish my light, often, and bare,
looking beyond my own personal plight.

We are forged from our roots,
from which we align,
the words once said to guide our growing minds,
and in that model of personal risk,
the future sometimes marred by experience’s gift:
some to placate,
others to uphold what already resounds,
all to affect change in our chosen ground,
what we accept in our selection of truth,
what feels right to pursue.

We are the sum of us, experience and beginnings set,
and ever-growing, each moment met,
with an open mind and thirsty soul,
wanting truth in abundance, for us to feel whole,
and we may thank our parents,
for all they gave, the ideas and mistakes
that we learned on the way,
but in the end, we choose to believe,
to accept our paths and their responsibility,
for we are each unique, of singular worth
in a universe infinitely diverse.

What is left wanting in beginnings,
experiences can be atoned,
by learning of balance, understanding to own,
for without judgement the past is just that,
no echo need hinder our course, where we’re at,
and forgiveness may hone a life anew,
letting go of all hurt and in soul to renew,
as we all have the same opportunities,
if we would just follow through,
and accept the life we’re given,
with a quiet certainty.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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2 thoughts on “Echoes, Experience and Choices

  • May 28, 2017 at 8:20 PM

    Glad you agree Phyllis, we can be so bound by past, but freedom is ours when we let go and face the now. Cheers!


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