Regardless of its Countenance, My Day

Regardless of its Countenance, My Day
Regardless of its Countenance, My Day

Darkened plumes taint my morning glimpse,
of day’s begin and life’s ongoing play,
yet mind within in glorious sun’s array
drives thoughts to more auspicious countenance;
and beauty seeks its own in darkest place,
for light does touch the deepest of despair,
keeping hope afloat and minds to care,
that darkness is just a moment before the light.

And so birds reluctant, call in somber tones,
dreaming sun to grace their day,
yet life burgeons nonetheless,
a parable of both growth and decay,
and I too hide in my sanctum, quietly pensive,
the gloom of day not definitive
yet a burden to the sun in my heart
and the words I yearn to say.

So I seek light
in mind and beauty of thoughts betray
the darkness on the outside,
that looms so low in skies so weighted,
by a cool and mundane grey;
and I’ll write my way to sunny skies,
embrace a change and spite the lie,
to turn this day around to endless blue.

Then birds will herald their morning song,
to give all hearts a help along,
and hope shall fly its banner high,
lifting moods and giving day some scope to fly,
as I in fervent glee shall write my heart upon a sleeve,
in rhymes and melodies to be
the songs of my soul,
in beauty’s sight, where life is whole.

Weather shall not command,
my every breath or of beauty slander its will,
to light darkness of any ill,
and in day find hope for every quest
every dream fulfilled,
regardless of its appearance,
a change of mood, interference
that in truth can do no harm.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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