No Help in the Garden

Doing all this man stuff takes up all my hours.

No Help in the Garden


My wife complained I was not helping in the garden

I said Honey, I am very busy with my yardin’

I’m raking and mowing

and trimming things that keep growing

I am doing man stuff, reving my chainsaw

I don’t have time to pick veggies still raw

I have trees to cut and wood to split

I hardly have time to sit and spit

Besides I’m working on my golf swing

I have a tournament coming up in early spring

I need to chip and putt by gosh

I don’t have time to pick the squash

I know there’s bean and peas but listen to reason

Any day now is fishing season

I need to fix my rod and my reel

I don’t have time those potatos to peel

I need to clean my gun and fill my powder horn

You’ll have to get someone else to shuck that corn

So give a guy a break and take care of those flowers

Doing all this man stuff takes up all my hours

John West
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John West

Retired school teacher. Live 6 months on Bainbridge Island, WA, 6 months in Scottsdale, AZ. Grew up in Santa Monica, CA. Hobbies beside writing are golf, chain saw carving, cowboy fast draw. I write cowboy poetry, short stories, non-fiction. Check out my web site

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