‘The View From The Shed’…novel excerpt. Ch26

'The View From The Shed'...novel excerpt. Ch26
‘The View From The Shed’…novel excerpt. Ch26


Without discipline we are a mass of fractured thoughts and whims, searching in vein for resolution, but with no clear path. Discipline is a structured path of effort, designed to accomplish what we wish with a true and steady application.

Many people have problems with application, whether it be focus or motivation, and end up perfecting the art of procrastination, putting off everything to another time that in truth, never arrives. Discipline comes from an ordered mind, one that understands the concept of learning and applying that learning to every undertaking. Order in one’s life is the root of every aspect in life and without it we are living in our own state of confusion. As a concept we need to nurture it, every act and reason for doing what we do achieves a certain order to our lives that is both habitual and also freeing. Without too much thought, order is created. Even with simple tasks like cleaning your teeth, showering and eating meals; these simple aspects of living fall into a regime of discipline that allows us to maintain life effortlessly.

With each small discipline and order achieved, this thinking radiates outward into other aspects of life and we begin to take control, understanding what is necessary for accomplishment. We go about our day pre-planing what is necessary and complete our required responsibilities. Discipline is a learned trait, the result of continuous focus and structured planning to do what we want to do successfully.

For example, when I wrote my first novel, I made it my business to spend a certain time each day writing, morning and afternoon. This was written down and structured so that my other responsibilities were not effected and my writing time unencumbered. This discipline is now an automatic process, having accomplished so many books, I now sit and can write with focus, any time I wish. Writers block has never once interrupted my work, because I have developed a discipline that works for me. Yes, its a habit, but believe me, so many writers have to be in the mood, certain aspects of surroundings just so. To me they are limitations. Similarly, I learned to meditate in a house on a main road, the sound of continuous noisy traffic that was at first a hindrance, became superficial as I learned to discipline my mind and cut out the noise.

A disciplined life, one with order and awareness is a huge advantage today, as life can be hectic and often intrusive, the constancy of communication, noise and thought like an avalanche to the mind. With focus we can tune out what we don’t want and hone in on what we do. Tasks are much easier to complete because of our discipline, but always keep in mind our limitations, our energy levels and the balance required to keep ourselves healthy and rested. Being too zealous and having unrealistic expectations can turn a life into a monotonous regime and that is certainly not healthy. Always create order and disciplines that can be followed without disturbing the necessities like eating, exercise and relaxation and rest. Life is about balance on every level and having discipline is no different.

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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2 thoughts on “‘The View From The Shed’…novel excerpt. Ch26

  • February 15, 2017 at 10:06 PM

    Tony, I love to read your life lessons from the shed. Sometimes it feels as if I am sitting in a corner listening to you talk and it is always a pleasure. Discipline, focus and application is so important for any task to be done well. The ability to shut off outside noise when concentrating is very beneficial, too. I learned these things when I worked in busy accounting offices most of my adult life, thus it was very easy for me to slide into serious writing with the same abilities – and this I just realized when I read your chapter, so thanks for confirming the importance of these traits within me. Very enjoyable read.

  • February 15, 2017 at 10:08 PM

    Yes, discipline is so important, especially for a writer. Glad you related and enjoyed it Phyllis. Cheers!


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