Simplicity or Complexity, the Same Rules Apply


Simplicity or Complexity, the Same Rules Apply
Simplicity or Complexity, the Same Rules Apply

Simplicity is nature’s offering,
to understand, and like a tree,
one root may transform into a thousand,
each a part of the other and together they feed,
the tree’s nutrients through just a few roots at its trunk;
and so we may observe the simplicity of a few roots
or a thousand that are an extension and integral part:
simplicity versus complexity.

Perspective is a choice of seeing, and in nature
she affords us many choices,
to understand her processes and the rules that govern life,
it is simply our choice as to how we observe the truth,
how we understand what Mother shows us
her every mood and outpouring,
her beauty and her wrath.

Truth exists in the singular and the many,
the simplicity and complexity,
should we broaden our minds to see and differentiate,
and in the simple cycles of life
we may observe it all,
unencumbered by preconception,
to know what this earth needs, to survive.

Mother’s lessons are complete,
for it is by these rules that we live, as a part,
and life does not distinguish between mammal,
invertebrate, plant, fish or microbe,
life is life within the same laws of existence,
and we in our arrogance,
think we are not subject to these laws.
The universe ensues, with or without us.


Tony DeLorger © 2017

Tony DeLorger
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