Safe Home With You – Tally’s Song

Safe Home With You – Tally’s Song

Safe Home - Tally's Song

Author’s Note: This story is continued from First Home – Tally’s Song


Tally lay on his back staring up at the biggest German Shepherd he had ever seen. The dog stared back, keeping eye contact. Tally’s first reaction was to put his right arm up to protect his face, now it was pinned to his chest with teeth bearing down on it. Neither man nor dog moved a muscle.

“Jake! Side!” Tally heard the man call. The dog left Tally and stood by the police officer. Tally still did not move. “You can stand up now, slowly. Don’t do anything stupid and put your hands up.” With the dog alert and at ready the officer felt no need to draw his gun. He stood with hands on hips studying Tally and then Jessie, who was cowered in her corner. “Keep your hands up as you walk slowly over by your girl friend and sit down. Don’t get up unless I tell  you to.”

Tally did as he was told. When he sat down by Jessie, she hugged him, crying and shaking. Tally held her tight and kissed the top of her head as he brushed  her hair back with his hand. The officer watched the tender moment between them and thought of his son who was that gentle with his new bride. Looking around at the set up they had the Officer took out his ID and held it up. “Officer Decker,” he said. “You two want to tell me what’s going on here? And can you show me your IDs?”

“We only came in here to get out of the rain for a few nights. But, Jessie had a bad chest cold, so we stayed. I tried to make it as comfortable as I could for her officer, so I dragged out these mattresses. We haven’t really stole anything, just borrowing.”

Officer Decker felt the two were okay kids and had a tinge of empathy for them. He looked at Tally’s guitar. “I have seen the two of you around town and wondered where you lived. Now I know. You are trespassing on private property. I did not see any sign of a break-in, so you won’t be charged for that. But, you will have to leave or there will be charges brought against you for trespassing and damage of private property,” he indicated the mattresses and bedding.

“Yes, Sir,” Tally replied. “I am making good money with tips and working at the mechanic shop. Jessie is making money and good tips at the cafe. I was hoping to find a pickup at a decent price so we can pack up and leave. How soon do we have to get out?”

“I’ll give you three days, which is generous. Legally you should be evicted now.” He looked around at their personal items. “You have some decent backpacks to carry your stuff?”

“No sir, just my wagon downstairs. I think we can manage okay. I don’t know which way we’ll head. We would like to keep our jobs long enough to get a pickup and that will be our safe home.” Tally looked down into Jessie’s eyes and hugged her tighter.

Officer Decker put his hands on his hips and looked up. He let out a loud breath of air, looked down at the floor and shook his head.  “I am gonna step out of bounds here and I want you to keep it confidential. I just bought a new pickup and need to sell my old one. It is in very good condition, has a camper shell and bed liner, new tires and a tune up. You might be the one who tuned it up, I took it to your shop. How much can you afford for it?”

Tally was shocked. “I, uh … well, right now I have almost $1200 saved. I was hoping to find something around 1500 tops.”

“It would be a steal at 1200, but I’ll let you have it for that. You got money to live on after you pay for the truck?”

“Yes, Sir! Between the two of us we bring in 100 to 200 a day with just tips!” Jessie smiled up at him and Tally kissed her again.

“Okay, deal. Ease Jake,” the dog lay down as Decker walked over to shake Tally’s hand. “If you have 1200 this Saturday I’ll bring the truck over and we can finish up the deal.”

When Officer Decker got back downstairs he called up to Tally, “You can get up now.”

True to his word, Officer Decker showed up Saturday with the pickup and his son following in the new truck. Tally and Jessie were packed up and ready to leave. After all details were taken care of Officer Decker watched them put the wagon and their items in the back of the truck. When Jessie got in the front seat, Decker said, “Hold up now, Tally, for a few minutes. You need to go back upstairs with us and help toss out the items you “borrowed” from the warehouse.”

“Yes, Sir, of course,” Tally was happy enough to get off with no charges and a new truck, so was eager to help. When one mattress and all the bedding was brought down Decker and his son put it all in the back of the pickup. “If this is going to be your safe home, Tally, it might as well be comfortable.”

Tally felt like crying, he was so touched. “Thank you, Sir,” he shook Decker’s hand then the son’s hand. “We are so grateful for all this. Thank you, Sir, both of you.”

“Norman. You can call me Norman and this is my son, Steve. There is a trailer park down the road on the left. I called them to let them know you’ll be stopping by. They will charge you five dollars a night for a space. They have a clean restroom, and coffee and sandwich shop. Hope you stick around. People in town like your music – you are becoming a folk hero to them. Oh! Jake is the proud father of four beautiful pups. Would you like one?” Without hesitation Tally said, “Yes!” He had promised himself a dog when he got a pickup. Decker went to his truck and brought back a beautiful black and tan German Shepherd pup. “He’s nine weeks old and has been weaned for over a week. He’s a hefty little guy!” Tally took the pup and shook hands with Norman and Steve again. “I love it! My first dog! Can I name him Decker?” Norman laughed. “Sure! Damn good name for a beauty of a pup.”

Jessie was still sitting in the front seat when Tally got in and handed her the puppy. “Jessie, meet our new family member, Decker.” As Tally, Jessie and Decker left in their new safe home, they knew their life had just changed yet again. They were now a real family in a safe home.


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6 thoughts on “Safe Home With You – Tally’s Song

  • February 12, 2017 at 6:38 PM

    A lovely story, heartwarming and resolute in its affirmation of good hearted souls, who can still be found on this earth of ours. great work Phyllis.

  • February 20, 2017 at 12:14 AM

    This is the kind of story I enjoy reading , Phyllis. Well written and engaging.


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