Melody of Spring

Melody of Spring

melody of spring


Melody of Spring

The old Earth ruptures into vehement bloom,

Callow leaves prosper verdantly on peepal twigs.

As the Maple tree shoots crimson,

The honey-guides snooze on the figs,

And honey-blooms herald the honeybee.


The Aroma of delicious greenery enunciates,

Pulse of life respires from eternal sleep,

And seeds of rejuvenation grow,

As the nectar of Gods pours in a heap,

The butterflies sparkle with radiance.


~ Copyright © Surabhi Kaura 2015

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Surabhi Kaura

Surabhi is a Poetess by heart and an aspiring Author. She is an English teacher by profession. She is a post-grad from University of Toronto. Her love for writing poems has been her strength. She is currently working on publishing her first novel.

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