Love Forlorn…the echoes

Love Forlorn...the echoes
Love Forlorn…the echoes


In the close of day I see your face,
indistinct yet so familiar in the light of dusk,
like radiations of beauty’s lust
yearning for a loving glance.

And as sun pulls itself from horizons deep,
to glimmer in the morning blue, I see you,
your smile the light of dawn’s renewal,
the warmth of you, my cruel desire.

As midnight secures the diamond skies,
and moon fulfils her auspicious rise,
your face appears on high,
your glow that warms a heart forlorn.

And moments breach my memories hold,
your scent, your silent warmth my curse,
to embrace all you gave to me,
now lost amid eternity, and I adrift.

Love’s countenance may change,
and life may rearrange, but love itself cannot remain
when one soul leaves the room,
and assume I must the end to trust, my gloom.

So why do I see you in every light, day or night,
like an echo, a memory so right,
that leaves me gasping for air, for sustenance,
when you so flippantly don’t care, this broken heart.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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