Breaking Away to Ride the Swell

Breaking Away to Ride the Swell
Breaking Away to Ride the Swell

Facing the swell….

I ride the wave of my proclivity,
my understanding the sculptor,
the vision of my limits in form,
and so I am tossed and turned
within the flow,
my silent being the master of my scope.

And still I am not free of me,
my potential so much more
than what so far I believe, within this life
where limits are the status quo,
and I entreat change to ride tsunamis,
to know what risk it is upon the edge.

I feel the thrill of sliding down the face,
the speed beyond the race,
and secrets deemed worthy of the ride,
when life teeters upon the unknown,
just to feel uncertainty’s guile,
when we contest life to relent its truths.

How I treasure the moments,
as they glisten in the morning sun,
when my heart is on the run,
vying for a gleaning before its done,
and proclivity fades into insignificance,
for no paradigm holds me, when I find freedom.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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