Memories…a balance gained

Memories...a balance gained
Memories…a balance gained

Memory serves me well,
yet why do halcyon days pale
before the struggle and memories of loss
that so haunt my mind?

Is their echo a lesson not learned,
that it lingers so profoundly,
to remind me of my failures,
the harsh reproach of choices made?

Perhaps I am a maudlin soul,
cling to the losses for some masochistic gain,
where suffering is a just refrain,
for all of my mistakes.

Maybe the hurt lingers longer,
and sweet memories are too many to recall,
so a mind holds those wounds unhealed,
until by shear will, they fall.

In warm afternoon breeze I do sit,
eyes closes and reminiscing,
holding onto love’s rewards,
trying not to find a delicate hurt, what is missing.

I guess I cannot forego the pain,
for it is me, and I would not be the same
without it, for loss is gain by another name,
and life serves us well too, in wisdom.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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