Growing Kings: A Brother’s Plea









You think I do not want a simpleton’s way

Father chose me to lead, to be his judge

You….you were too infantile to have a say

Instead of being king it’s me who’s judged.


I have labels like tyrant and autocrat

Some think of me a hero, some a demon.

Before the ink dries on my autograph

Off my brow the sweat already beaten


I live days in my own pathetic shadow

I ever cringe at the mention of my name

Though I am to lead, my soul tells me let go

That they are people, and they can pass the flame


Brother I ask, what is it about a name?

Does it have to cause a fight to ensue?

Does it boil blood to points of maim?

Does it taunt me each day in its debut?


If I could change it, already it would be.

In this vile life, I was not meant to stay

I need to be roaming the green-land free…..

Mother and I talked about this very day


…..This King is not you answer to freedom,

I’m the tree and you the wind gathering leaves,

My words are table food made to be eaten

On the floor you place us begging upon greaves


It is fairly docile hind these stone pillars

The town is very still like old paintings

These days do I walk in footsteps of killers?

Do the walls squawk in tales of fevered straining?


The fires consume me they burn through me

When it’s done destroying everything, it rests.

It engulfs like the morning smog left free

Dense and heavy on little toiling breaths


Every shadow every inch tells a story

You are a grub sir, you always have been

These halls have ears which keep inventory

You want to be something good, then be my sin.


Let ride my steed through the doors of war

And steadfast return my heart to the earth

Like crashing waves upon her majesty’s shore

Upon this world a new king will be birthed.


My fair maidens dress your bodies in steel

Attach war unto your eager visage

My soldiers, those loyal to my ideals,

Grab your shield and sword and gain privilege.


My will is an unyielding force to be reckoned,

and I ask of you, not pence, or fortune and glory,

I ask you give your heart toward a new direction

I ask for trust and noble ends to this story.

Paul Neglia
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Paul Neglia

Proud father of 3. Part time writer of poetry and short stories. I want to paint the world in but a few words.

5 thoughts on “Growing Kings: A Brother’s Plea

  • January 24, 2017 at 1:43 PM

    Paul, this is great and entices me to read the whole play. You really must finish this and get it published. Did you take courses in playwright? You are very good at this type writing. It is well penned and the language is indicative of the era. I feel the emotions of the oldest brother. Very well done.

    • January 25, 2017 at 4:44 PM

      No i did not take courses in playwrighting. Thankxyou,for the compliment. I have 77 pages of this play done and am struggling to get back on course. I am curious if i should post each chapter here for feedback? Thank you,again for your ever so kind words Phyllis~Paul

      • January 25, 2017 at 4:58 PM

        I think the feedback would inspire you to get back on course with this play, Paul. Maybe not post all the chapters – I always worry about posting too much of my WIP with my novel, but whatever you think best. I think your characters will become very memorable.

    • January 25, 2017 at 4:45 PM

      Thank you so much Kurt.


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