Transcendent Dawn

Transcendent Dawn
Transcendent Dawn…the purity of nature’s light

The dawn transcends the night with summer flair,
rich golden shards splayed out in glorious display,
and as creatures awaken to morn’s silent beauty,
life dispels the stars in keep for day’s bright array.

As birdsong evokes movement, the return from slumber’s hold,
ardent souls pursue life’s daily needs,
as eyes in gratitude, fixed upon that rising orb of light,
are blessed with the knowledge yet another day proceeds.

And harmony reigns, without thoughts or qualm,
as natural as a breath, no consideration needed,
and winds and waters flow in gentle peace
to touch all life with a loving caress of possibility’s seed.

Then, as morn subsides and mid-day arrives,
those shards are split in myriads rays,
filtered through canopy leaves to spot the ground,
and as if by kiss they bless the mulching earth to say, hello.

Here time is measured by light alone,
no meter marks the day,
and each moment consumed by sentient minds
gives praise to life and this our joyous age.

Lingering on soft warm breeze,
the beauteous intent of silent whispers,
placates all that may in time see,
the ways that man in greed does harm, and life in tears.

Dawn to me is another chance, another hope for better,
but as beauty steals a heart, the days ensue,
and thoughtless acts and avarice
commend a narrow view and nature hurts, in hectic blue.

Yet she, the mother knows best,
and who can attest her wisdom of earth,
without the question of imbalance we create,
a sad relenting of all that’s pure, her every worth.

Tony DeLorger © 2016

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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