Self-Deceit and its Limitations

Self-Deceit and its Limitations
Self-Deceit and its Limitations…seeking acceptance

Who challenges deceit more than I,
having seen its constant outpouring
from the lips of so many,
and even though I know much to be benign,
its the intent that disturbs my peace of mind,
gives me reason not to trust
those weak enough
to need to place themselves in better light,
for their own personal doubts as to who they are.

This endless posing is so trite,
all for acceptance and a favourable light
they cannot see in themselves,
and in desperation they need solace from outside
to somehow convince them of worth,
all they question of the self,
and so they lie, embellish, invent truths to suit,
just to be what they wish they were,
but in deceit prove they’re not.

Irony runs just beneath the flow of life,
like arteries pumping delusions to all its corners,
the doubts, the fears and expectations manifest
within all we say and do,
and for the savvy mind a sadness of human ilk,
a glitch between hope, dream and reality
that is obvious and clearly painted
on the blank canvas we are given,
in this fluctuating journey of learning.

Benign perhaps much of this deceit,
yet who suffers from the delusion is the self,
caught between fantasy and reality,
trying to measure up,
when honesty and assuredness
creates paths of freedom and choice,
that transcends the concerns of perceptions about us,
empowering us to be who we are, regardless,
to find our way unencumbered on our chosen paths.

Tony DeLorger © 2016

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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