A Different Meaning for Equality

A Different Meaning for Equality
A Different Meaning for Equality

Equality…a misnomer 

Equality rides a fractious horse,
yet its behavior as varied as its rider’s moods,
seen by everyone differently,
as values and bias an endless changing stride,
for judge we must each other,
our determinations on rules unique,
and in the end always someone
is left wanting, their position,
their rights of equality breached.

Equality means everyone,
a balance a fairness to all,
yet never has it been so, in any case,
the judgement by society, as individuals,
always based on a precursor, a provision
that satisfies the greater good, the law,
yet shouldn’t it be a right, a simple fairness of play,
that each and every one of us,
are treated the same way?

It is quoted so many times, in rhetoric,
within the so-called freedom of lands,
yet on the streets of life, where real life ensues,
vilification and persecution dominate,
and no-one is equal: with religion, with politics, with race,
and we all remain segregated
by class, wealth and every measure
that judgement demands,
in this our state of equality.

If indeed we were equal in society,
then what a power we would have,
not split into micro groups, easier to control
and manipulate by those that govern,
but a voice of one, as fellow citizens of our land;
so in the end, equality is something we have never had,
for it is not in our rulers interests,
that we co-operate and find our human equality,
as that would jeopardize their plans.

Do you see the plan, the unfolding of truth,
as wrong as it is, it has always been so?

Tony DeLorger © 2016

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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