Those Demons Found My Mark

Those Demons Found My Mark
Those Demons Found My Mark

Tempted by demons…

Troubled this mind, awoken in sweat,
tempted by the guile of demon ghosts
upon the edge of my periphery,
entice they did to walk this path,
an aftermath of pain and lethargy,
yet the soul unwilling to move.

I did struggle, fought these aberrations,
and strike they did this flesh,
cut and bleeding, and human weak,
yet I stood before them defiant,
no path from them compliant, my wish,
so they pummelled more to break me.

The darkness grew, so bleak,
and crowded a mind weakening,
yet I stood, refused to move for they,
shouting words of harm and endings dire,
I could not let them find my mark,
yet they refused to relent, and I just about spent.

Then in the eleventh hour,
my measure but a blow away,
a light did find me, a small and insignificant light,
and body done, bleeding with not a word remaining,
I knew, that demons cannot abide love,
and so I forgave them,
and they shrunk into the darkness, gone.

Tony DeLorger © 2016

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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