Pregnant Possibility

Pregnant Possibility
Pregnant Possibility…my silent moments

I praise the silence of the moment,
when thoughts cease and being resounds
like a distant temple bell,
for within that serene moment
lives a pregnant possibility,
merely a thought away,
and the anticipation is palpable,
as words amass like whirling mists
finding place in phrases strong
as a thought comes into being,
through the darkened void,
to manifest.

Then as a bird in flight,
that thought soars into being
across an endless sky,
direction a choice of self-realization,
and I sit and watch that thought
slowly disappear,
and hold my breath to then exhale
to a stillness once again,
at the very edge of expectation,
a thought away from existence,
and my heart is steady, slow,
within a the murmur of life.

Each breath is like a ceaseless metronome,
a timely rhythmic outpouring,
as if waves nudging shore,
and mind encompasses all,
yet immersed in the moment alone,
the silent dark resound of time’s knowing,
its ongoing our temple of life,
and beauty sees me,
finds my mind so languid,
as I think not of woes or wins or past or anything
that aches a heart,
just that silent state of being, of pregnant possibility.

Tony DeLorger © 2016

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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