Needing Salvation

Needing Salvation
Needing Salvation….they rise and fall

Seeking Salvation from Tyranny…

I watch the play of human ploys,
the shifts of favor and balances,
what’s set in stone somehow falls,
when liability changes and after all
no-one is irreplaceable.

Those secret meets in darkened rooms,
as fate is fed to the masses,
and the direction of anyone’s accomplishment
is deserved when it benefits the cause,
fed to the wolves if not at all.

And so they rise and they fall,
orchestrated by the shadows tall,
who instigate history into its final place,
believed or not its all too late,
when the puppets find the throne.

And I wonder what happens to the dismissed,
the collateral damage set adrift,
in liability they are eventually wronged,
and serve no longer the secret throng,
the silent wielding of power.

Some rise in flashing lights,
others dim and fall from sight,
yet who is the villain, who is the champion,
its hard to tell if they are complicit or damned,
and who will rise to greatness.

For what we see that then takes place,
is hardly the same, in the human race,
and many a good man has fallen short,
many evil women contrive, consort
with the devil.

All that shines is not gold,
and all that’s dull may be the very reason for salvation.

Tony DeLorger © 2016

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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