The Tide Will Turn

The Tide Will Turn
The Tide Will Turn…the epiphany

Tides turn, its the natural way of life,
and cycles repeat until epiphanies mark new directions,
and so must we of humanity, find roads end,
before new directions can be forged,
and in recognition see our past for what it is
and where it has taken us.

Corruption can only survive for so long,
until it turns on those behind it, those without integrity,
who believe outcome justifies the means,
and who dismiss morality outright,
to pursue egregious wrongs in the name of right
and justify the damage it causes.

When those souls begin to fall,
so shall the world as we know it,
plunged into an epiphany of change
that will end the reign of divisive minds,
those who revert our thoughts to primordial necessity,
and lead us to false hope and reward.

In this state of crisis,
minds will find comfort in freedom of thought,
not bound by belief but a spiritual awakening
that will transcend the lies we’ve kept as truth,
and open the door to love and compassion
for all life, regardless of form, species or race.

The awakening is purely internal, for each of us,
but its effect global and complete,
having been forced by struggle
to identify our only hope of resurrection,
the only hope of survival on this planet,
and aspiring to brotherhood and love, we shall endure.

Tony DeLorger © 2016

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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