The Relevance of Beauty

Relevance, beauty and divine expression

The Relevance of Beauty
The Relevance of Beauty… a divine expression

Beauty, far beneath skin,
radiates like the dawn light,
in afferent rays
that glow in the mind of perception,
warm the heart and instil life
with a purposeful acknowledgement of divinity.

For beauty is the recognition of divinity,
the knowing that a loving hand
did forge this perfection,
this sentient admission of sacred expression,
so revered yet misunderstood
as just a pleasing image.

Rather, beauty restores our faith in love,
in the boundless possibilities of life,
that perfection exists around us,
in simplicity of process and being,
and that despite our ineptitude,
we are bound to a path of ascension.

Beauty is the manifestation of faith,
that there is always better, always uplifting,
perfection the aspiration of a heart in growth,
a choice to acknowledge love
and to aspire our souls to higher consciousness,
that expression of the divine within.

Beauty lies in thought, in experience,
in expression and observation,
and knowing what it is, fulfils us,
gives us the strength to see beyond the flesh,
to find value in the ideals of love
and our life attuned to it.

Tony DeLorger © 2016

Tony DeLorger
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