The Reaper



Most meaningful

When your sands have run out


Thoughts recalled

Measuring each for their merit


Wishful thinking

Could have, would have, should have


Time decelerating

Now it’s only a game of waiting


Surrounding air cold

Silence permeates the perimeter


Not accepting

Offering anything for extra time


Servitude or trickery

Try to take another’s time


Darkness enveloping

Watching for darkness in the dark


Cold sharpened steel

The scythe in the hand of reaper


There is no escape

Shadowy coldness collecting souls

Skeleton reaper

The Grim Reaper

One of the most feared figures in both lore and story.  The dark hooded skeleton figure who moves with the darkness, armed with a sharpened gleaming steel scythe that cuts the cords of life itself.  The sands of time fall through the hourglass, measuring the exact moment of our demise, and that moment of the Reaper’s arrival.  Don’t fear what you cannot avoid…..

Grim reaper Sad Reaper

The term “Grim Reaper” dates back to 1847, and originated in England. Throughout time, the characterization of the collector of souls has always been a skeleton in a black robe.  The scythe is symbolic of harvesting the soul.  He comes for every person, hourglass in hand, waiting for the last grain of sand to fall. When it does, he collects the soul with a precision cut of the razor-sharp blade.


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R J Schwartz

I write about everything and sometimes nothing at all. I'm fascinated by old things, rusty things, abandoned places, or anywhere that a secret might be unearthed. I'm passionate about history and many of my pieces are anchored in one concept of time or another. I've always been a writer, dating back to my youth, but the last decade has been a time of growth for me. I'm continually pushing the limitations of vocabulary, syntax, and descriptive phrasing.

3 thoughts on “The Reaper

  • October 25, 2016 at 12:14 AM

    As always a wonderful use of words Ralph to somehow espouse the end of days for us all and the reaper, the one who claims us in death. The origin notes were great also. Much enjoyed my friend.

  • October 25, 2016 at 12:58 AM

    Fantastic, Ralph. I enjoyed reading about the reaper and the origins. Great wording and phrasing, too. Well done as always.

  • October 26, 2016 at 3:47 AM

    I love this, Ralph. Wonderful writing and info about the Reaper, and the images eerie and haunting. A great write with Halloween upon us.


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