My Human Condition


My Human Condition
My Human Condition….my innate sin

Lowly do I walk my shameful life,
incumbent ruse and malignant strife,
as do I find my views inept,
I struggle with paradigms once kept,
and so in loathing self I placate my dreams,
by angst and violent tragic scenes,
to uphold the notions of abject abuse,
the world unloads yet I refuse;
and tall I walk in my shadow cast,
of all the crumbled prayers I asked,
and silence from a god of ambivalence,
who chose to deem me less than equivalent,
and though I know my worth far more,
than what I feel so underscored,
by all this pity and morose repertoire,
I yield to silence just to jar, my soul.

For none divine before me states,
lesser am I in this kingdom’s fate,
perhaps its me with abstract view,
to judge myself a human ruse,
when humanity abides the same forsaken dreams,
and lowly walks the hallowed streets,
fallen short of expectations,
too blind to follow such deviations;
how true I am to my own cursed faults,
when life exonerates the pure of thought,
and I beheld of nothing more
than the learning of my ilk,
and follow all I dare to win,
dismiss the losses of everything,
and suffer I in human skin,
all I am and all I bring.

Human I am and beauty I’ll win,
if only I could see it within,
and forgive all of my innate sin,
to relieve my human condition.

Tony DeLorger © 2016

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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