Life’s Travail

Travail, yet beauty profound

Life's Travail
Life’s Travail…beauty abundant

Hauntingly beautiful,
exquisitely unique,
a world in profusion
beckons a heart to keep,
its purity in inception,
its diversity abounds,
and for the want of realisation,
it is magnificence profound.

One glance
one moment of observance,
is all that’s necessary
to witness the convergence,
of all the connections
that harmony has instilled,
in all life and states
of consciousness fulfilled.

Such beauty, such intricacy,
to have evolved and flourished,
such singular ambiguity
that a mind could nourish,
such elegant and preposterous
forms within being,
that we could not have fashioned
or imagined even in dreams.

So beguiling, so heartfelt,
this conundrum of life,
its origin, its destination,
both the joys and the strife,
all I can know is that it is mine,
the experience, the struggle,
the preponderance of time,
as we travail life.

Tony DeLorger © 2016

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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2 thoughts on “Life’s Travail

  • October 14, 2016 at 6:03 AM

    Anything made by a human cannot match the beauty of nature. Lovely, beautiful sentiments. Very nicely penned Tony.

  • October 14, 2016 at 6:15 AM

    Thanks Phyllis, yes life is a wonder and appreciating the beauty is a gift.


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