That Beautiful Smile

That Beautiful Smile

beautiful smile

From the beginning we
were like sun and the moon.
I realized our
differences soon.

We were destined to collide
and leave marks on each other.
It looks like I was the
only victim of this disaster.

She like the moon
was cool and calm.
I like the sun
burned in her arms.

The moment of truth came and
it was me who took the blame.
She decided to move on and
I was left all alone.

Years passed, but my fire
continued to burn.
I found her place and
waited for her return.

I wanted to see
the most beautiful one.
There was no doubt that
my love would indeed return.

Salvation was near as
she arrived in her car.
Alas, victory was
not in the cards.

When I saw her hug her kids,
I realized she would never be mine.
Still the time I had spent was
worth it to see that beautiful smile.

© 2016 Abhimanyu Gaur

Abhimanyu Gaur
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Abhimanyu Gaur

I always had a love for writing even when I was still in school. I used to collect good quotes and admire them. I enjoyed the beautiful play of words so I started writing poetry. Life is too short to understand, but it is long enough to stand with your fellow man.

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