An Eternal Gift

An Eternal Gift
An Eternal Gift…knowing how to love

Always, do I see you,
the core of you,
and even in the darkness you are there,
unperturbed, brave, self-aware,
and a soul as yours shines,
even when clouds oppress the day,
and your smile is all that lights my way,
when you remain beside me.

Always you are true,
to yourself, your beliefs
and those whom you love,
and this I see as light enriched
with love’s precious gift,
honesty your chosen life,
and truth withheld from no-one,
as you traverse this plight, this journey.

Always I cannot be with you, I know,
for life is paths of erratic change,
and souls must sometimes be alone,
and for all my hopes and dreams,
we are not to be it seems,
but I will take what I am given,
your love an endless rhythm in my life,
beside me or not.

Always will I treasure our time,
like a gift of heaven lived on earth,
and hold your heart I will forever,
even though we are not together,
your being has helped me find my place,
and taught me what love is,
no greater giving to receive,
a gift that is eternal.

Tony DeLorger © 2016

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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