They Speak in Tongues…the Whiners

Whiners …my affliction

The Whiners
They Speak in Tongues…the whiners


They speak in tongues,
wagging resentment and disdain,
arms flailing, nostrils flared,
eyes like cold black obsidian,
and I hear not their words,
tongues unknown their violent slurs,
yet I feel their intent in my gut,
my empathetic being a quarry
for their wagging facilitation.

I must abide their misery
yet find myself elsewhere,
their tongues no mercy for the likes of me,
and so fresh air and thoughts so welcomed,
in service of my non-participation,
far from them as I can,
to not hear that monotone screeching,
their point never reaching,
just a noise of stark displeasure.

They are the ‘Whiners’,
the ‘nothing’s ever good enough,’
and they my affliction, an allergy I cannot remedy,
for they speak in tongues not of my world,
alien voices chattering;
they feel like slime, a grime that aches within,
and all I want to do is flee
to rid them from my thoughts,
and keep my spirit free without the agitation.

Tony DeLorger © 2016

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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4 thoughts on “They Speak in Tongues…the Whiners

  • July 19, 2017 at 9:29 PM

    I’ve listened to so many of them in the workforce when I worked full time at a career, since being semi-retired I’m less prone to hear it too often. Why can’t people just be content with their lot in life, if not, then bloody well change it. The back biters, gossip mongrels, the water fountain gossip never ends. And then we have the media whining 24/7 about everything and everyone, especially politicians. But their all a sorry lot anyways, here I go, I’m beginning to whine. lol Enough said, I got the message, loved your write, I’m like you now Tony, give me peace and quiet. When I want to make noise, I will do it in my own domain/pad not whine about it to the neighbors. ha ha.

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