Just Beyond the Unseen Veil

Just Beyond …

just beyond that unseen veil
unseen veil


So often when I feel its presence there
There’s nothing I can do but turn and stare
Trying to grasp but usually I fail
To reach out just beyond that unseen veil

I feel it, sense it, sometimes even breathe
In the unknown scents from unknown wreaths
If only I’d a ship to board and sail
To that strange place beyond the unseen veil

Why the longing, oh, my restless soul?
The thrill of possibilities unexplored?
Or some strange music from a parallel tale
The haunting call from beyond the unseen veil

The delicious thrill of being so close but not
Beyond the unseen veil with mystery is fraught

Shalini Kagal
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Shalini Kagal

I live in India. I'm a retired advertising professional. What I love doing most is to write - whenever, whatever.

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