Grandmother Moon Spiritual Moments

Grandmother Moon Spiritual Moments …

Grandmother Moon
Grandmother Moon Spiritual Moments


Spiritual moments sometime come upon me suddenly, without warning, and touch me so deeply that I cannot move. When that happens I seem to be somewhere else in time.

Grandmother Moon Spiritual Moments ~

One evening in particular I will always remember for this special feeling that came over me. This happened to me around nine o’clock as I sat on my patio, taking my last time of reflections before turning in for the night. There was a three-quarter moon and it was very bright. The winds were fierce, whispering as it rushed through the pine trees. The whispers became louder and louder, until they sounded like voices. As the wind gained speed, the voices became so loud that I could hear nothing else.

I have had Grandmother Moon spiritual moments before, but nothing like this experience. On that night I was taken far back in time when ancient stars looked down upon the Native American people of long ago. The very strong spirituality of these peoples seem to make me captive, to enfold me in their memories and hearts.

Cloud People ~

On that night, so long ago, Grandmother Moon spiritual moments took me far away to another realm. As I gazed at the moon, the Cloud People, massive white cloud formations, began drifting across the sky. Some were wispy and playful with the moon – some were very dark and hid the moon for just a few seconds at a time.

The wispy clouds were taking on shapes of recognizable forms, Kokopelli with his flute, a maiden with long flowing hair, a bear running, a cougar pouncing, a buffalo charging, and an eagle soaring. The winds were blowing the clouds so fast that it seems Grandmother Moon was hurtling through generation of time. All those symbolic shapes passing through history, were telling a story. Were the voices in the pines trying to tell me something about the passing life as her people knew it in the old days and the ever present hope for the future of Mother Earth and her people?

I watched Grandmother Moon and the Cloud People for so long, watching this story unfold, that I felt myself drifting through time and knew nothing else for several minutes, maybe Longer. Those spiritual moments created such profound emotions in me. I felt a deep love for all Creation. I felt warm tears streaming down my cheeks and an image of Black Elk the Lakota Spiritual Leader came to me.

Black Elk ~

I thought of the time when Black Elk was old and made the journey up to Harney Peak near his home, where he had been taken by spirits on his great vision as a young boy. He stood there, in his old age, talked and prayed to the Six Grandfathers. With tears falling he spoke to the spiritual powers of the world and prayed to Great Spirit. He ended his prayer with, “O’ make my people live!”

When I sat there, feeling the wind and the tears, hearing the voices in the pines and seeing the story Grandmother Moon was telling me, I felt so very connected to all the Native American people of the past and present. I thought about the shapes of all things in the spirit form that Black Elk spoke of and how everything in life on Mother Earth is connected.

I remembered he had said:

“And while I stood there I saw more than I can tell and I undersood more than I saw; for I was seeing in a sacred manner the shapes of all things in the spirit, and the shape of all shapes as they must live together like one being.”
– Nicholas Black Elk, Black Elk Speaks

I knew at that moment, when I felt my own tears, why Black Elk cried. In the deepest part of his soul he wanted peace, hope and a future for his people. I had never felt so much a part of all Creation as I did at that time during my Grandmother Moon spiritual moments. I knew I had gone beyond this world and into the realm where spirits abide. And I came back knowing what my task was. Like Black Elk, I stand in Nature often and ask Great Spirit for peace for all people on Mother Earth. Great Spirit, let it be so, let all people strive for peace and reach out to each other on Mother Earth.

Grandmother Moon Dances

Grandmother Moon dances among the Cloud People.
She dances for her children of long ago.
She tells the story she keeps in her heart,
Of the Ancestors on Mother Earth.
She shows the past and how the people lived.
The Cloud People painting pictures of her visions.
Grandmother Moon sends the voices of the Ancestors to me,
She sends the voices on the wind.
They whisper through the pines,
Telling me about their people.
~ ~ ~

© 2016 Phyllis Doyle Burns

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