The Window Pane…a scary tale

Facing the Demon…

The Window Pane
The Window Pane…a scary tale

Upon my frosted window
a knock came loud and sharp,
jolting me from dozing,
in my chair by fire’s hearth,
and startled did I rise to see
what soul did bid my care,
to find outside just empty,
and in quandary did I stare.

Returning to my plush damask chair,
that window framed in wonder,
I lost my eyes in fire’s light,
bad thoughts I put asunder,
yet again that wrap echoed clear,
and I jumped in surprise and abject fear,
to find no-one to greet my stare,
just an empty night in chill.

I must be mad, I thought dismayed,
imaginings my taunting fray,
what spirit plays with mind to say,
some horrid curse or deed to play,
and so I drew the curtains tight,
parted me from dead of night
and stoked the fire to vibrant light,
to arrest this escalation.

Yet once again this knock rang out,
and my heart did pound and turn about,
as vision blurred and mind did shrink,
to a cowering mess upon the brink,
but with tenuous steps I approach that glass,
to face my demon, a final bout,
and as I drew those curtains back,
I stood before my foe, this wretch.

Twas a branch, simply a street elm,
meandering to my abode,
and in wind it taps my pane so clear,
resounding like a knock austere,
and my heart did sigh with such relief,
to know no ghoul or beast did breach,
and so I reclined, go back to sleep,
by fire warm and cozy.

Tony DeLorger © 2016

Tony DeLorger
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