The Rise and Fall of Love


The Rise and Fall of Love
The Rise and Fall of Love…reaching heights

The rhythm building, skin squelching,
glistening in the glow of exhilaration,
as nerves on edge strangle tissues,
every cell alive and sentient;
and groans echo in darkness,
moonlight blue dusting flesh,
as up and further two minds fly,
aspiring epic highs.

Faster, more intense now,
the rhythmic rolling like waves on shore,
faster lapping, skin now slapping
as the beginnings now take hold;
in genitalia, the explosion begins,
radiating out in wet hot liquid flush,
embracing every muscle and nerve,
arched backs grasp the frantic rush,
as that flood rushes to body’s extremes,
ever toe curled, every finger grasping
for life’s sweet refrain,
in overload.

And then the flood,
the gushing internal tide comes in,
igniting a second wave,
radiations so intense,
no breath is drawn, exhaled,
as in rigid pose two bodies meld,
fused in pleasured bliss,
as height is reached, they gasp for air,
sympathetic groans of ejaculate,
with slow fading grace, muscles ease,
imbued with a euphoric space,
a letting go of mind and body, done.

Rolling over, apart,
two minds in clouds so soft,
sigh an unexpected take,
what energy left can make a move,
and dreams as if taunting mind,
slip in and out of vision,
as bodies blissfully find calm;
and hearts pounding slow to a steady beat,
as hands find one another,
a reassurance of dreams shared,
the touch of embrace a comfort,
having stepped beyond the breach, the stair,
the aftermath of love’s sweet interlude.

Tony DeLorger © 2016

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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