False Gods and Slight of Hand

False Gods…

False Gods and Slight of Hand
Seeking Truth

Distractions and addictions…

What words can I say not already said, of all the woe and hatred that seeds this world to doom? What can I possibly add to the rhetoric of dissatisfaction that humanity is indeed lost to its narcissism and greed. And so maligned this world of ours that no-one even acknowledges the inevitable fate in store. The ramifications of natural imbalance and the endless wars of race vilification and religious conflict, now take the world as hostage. Response begets the conflict in retaliation and escalation, and no end is in sight. Where did understanding and reason become lost to anger and the ego flights of politics. The purpose driven agendas of wealth and power now perpetrate the ultimate revolution, to rule the world.

I sit and watch this insanity, inch by inch becoming reality. I question that so few people see it, notice the slow and insidious changes to society that will one day open the door to supreme rule by a select few. Yet we embrace the show, the Trumps and jokers of Hollywood ilk, that distract from the underlying reality. While we applaud entertainment, living fantasy lives and melded with our credit cards, the real world grinds to its ultimate conclusion, one we will one day regret.

The truth has been kept from us for so long, we now acknowledge the lies as truth and believe the so viewed saviors of our quality of life. But when the slight of hand become slow motion and we realize just what crap we’ve been fed, it will be too late to do anything to change it. Our smoke and mirrors life is one of slavery, to the monetary system, to the consumerism that we’re told makes us whole, and to the distractions of salacious thought and sexual prowess that we are told is our most prized gift in life. All this creates a society driven and supported by negative gearing, and we held accountable for all the addictions we’ve been manipulated to endorse.

Money is not a god and God will not save us; religion may be a comfort for some, even a crutch, but ultimately we are responsible for our lives, our thoughts and deeds the creator of blueprints. If we allow a society to dictate our every need and aspiration, then we are simply puppets to the system, not the individuals we think we are. Freedom then resides within us alone, and the answers have never been wealth or power or being better than someone else. Happiness comes from self-realization, the spiritual acceptance and love of self and the creation of which we are a part.

Living within the system is often difficult, but being blindly lost within it is far worse. Life I believe is about perspective and living cleanly, in balance and with a compassionate heart is all we can do in this world of greed. That world is fruitless and fraught with oppression and delusion, where as a spiritual path filled with love and caring is fulfilling. So live clean, live aware, eyes wide open, and don’t ever fall for extremes, those dictated by societies distractions.


If we seek to see the negative in life we will see it, just as we will see the positive, should we change our predilection and look for love, compassion, caring, selflessness, kindness and purity of soul. Surround yourself with loving souls for contention and disharmony will bring down any life.

Tony DeLorger © 2016

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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2 thoughts on “False Gods and Slight of Hand

  • August 13, 2016 at 1:38 AM

    “I question that so few people see it, notice the slow and insidious changes to society that will one day open the door to supreme rule by a select few. ” I agree with this and am astonished that people will not open their eyes, will not listen to the voice of their souls, will not open their hearts to their own highest truths. For, as you say, “Freedom then resides within us alone…”

    It saddens me that most of society have let politicians take control of our lives. I strive so hard to carry that lantern of peace and harmony and often feel it is fighting a losing battle – but, I will never give up hope for a better world, one that is born of love, peace and harmony.

    This epistle is excellent and should be seen by all of humanity. Great work, Tony.

  • August 13, 2016 at 1:51 AM

    Too kind Phyllis, so pleased you related and enjoyed my thoughts. I too find it hard to believe that most people are too apathetic to even look at the possibilities suggested. We can only hope for a better future. Take care.


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