The hunter and the hunted.

The hunter and the hunted …









The hunter set his trap

with a piece of meat for bait.

Life is cruel for both

the hunter and the hunted.


Hunting is like a bitter medicine.

If you take it, you suffer and if you don’t,

you suffer a little less,

while life keeps on getting tougher.


The prey walks towards trouble.

Its life is like a bubble

about to burst

losing all its worth.


The prey observed the bait and

moved slowly towards it.

When it reached the bait,

it was already too late.


The hunter pulled the wires and

the jaws closed.

Pain replaced desire as

the curtain of life dropped.


It is the end of one more

caught by desire

like a moth that

goes straight into the fire.


The hunter is caught in

the circle of life.

It is not easy to kill,

but the hunter has to survive.


The hunter will survive some

more nights waiting for

his next prey

to set things right.


As I said before,

life is cruel for both

the hunter and the hunted.

© 2016 Abhimanyu Gaur

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Abhimanyu Gaur

I always had a love for writing even when I was still in school. I used to collect good quotes and admire them. I enjoyed the beautiful play of words so I started writing poetry. Life is too short to understand, but it is long enough to stand with your fellow man.

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