Always Hope


Always Hope


No matter how deep despair,
there is always a light above,
even one single star,
distant perhaps,
but light out of darkness,
and even if hope seems to have deserted us,
that one small light
like a candle in the wilderness,
tells us that darkness is temporary,
and it too will pass.

So even though we feel the loss of light,
as if someone turned off hope,
we have only to look into the stars to know
that we will be alright,
and like days transform from darkest night,
we too will rise,
from the fog and uncertainty of circumstance
to bath in the light of nurture,
and to begin again,
in our own cycles of learning.

Sadness and feeling alone is momentary,
as hearts respond to kindness,
so we may revive our hopes and dreams,
by touching others, in selfless care,
to know we are never alone,
a hand always there to help,
should we allow ourselves to reach out
and accept the learning of harsh life,
that can define us in growth,
and that can deliver us
to the power of love.

Tony DeLorger © 2016

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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