Sammy and Laddie, Sing Me Home – conclusion

Sammy and Laddie lay on the grass. As the thunder began to rumble, their passion grew.

Conclusion to Laddie Sing Me Home to Ireland

Thunder and passion ~

“Kevin, I am so much older, you need …”

“I need you!” he said with passion. “No, Kevin, no…you need someone young like you.” She was shaking with sobs.

“No!” Kevin pulled back to look into her eyes. “Sammy, I love you! I want you! I so need you.” Now he was crying with her. “Sammy, I have loved you all my life, I have searched for you all my life, I have found you…don’t push me away. We belong together. You have tried to be a parent to me, you have been my teacher, my mentor, and you have taught me so much. You have taught me what real love is, what trust and honesty is. Sammy, Sammy don’t push me away. Love me, hold me, and love me,” he sobbed as he buried his face in her neck.

She could resist no longer and put her arms around him, holding tightly to what she had yearned for all her adult life. This is him…this is my love, my twin soul. He is what I have been waiting for. Together they cried as the thunder rumbled and rolled in the distance. The rain and thunder gathered intensity just as their need for each other did. Now, laying together, soaked from the rain they kissed with a passion that matched each drum beat of thunder. They caressed each other urgently and as they became one the love and passion they felt increased with such intensity that they felt a part of the storm. Moving slowly then building their movements together up to a passionate and uninhibited force they loved, they gave to each other their heart and soul and every part of their being. With each pounding of their hearts they met each other with the same force of nature that the thunder voices did, till they cried out in unison with a profound sense of oneness and release.

Like the storm, so their love making came to an intense explosion then subsided as the thunder rolled away and the rain stopped. Laying exhausted in each others arms they forgot everything else but their deep love.


After the storm ~

Kevin started laughing as they were in the bathroom drying each other off from the rain that soaked them. “What!” Samantha turned around and looked at him. He looked like a little boy with a secret. “You have an imprint of an acorn on your bum.” She twisted her head, trying to see her butt and kept turning. He laughed harder, took her by the shoulders and turned her so her back was facing the mirror. “See? Right there!” he pointed at a little acorn shape on her left butt. “Oh, myyy gosh! It is an acorn. I thought I felt something poking me on the lawn.”

“I am glad you felt something…” She slapped his chest playfully and he grabbed her around the waist, lifting her up. Wrapping her arms and legs around him, she clung tightly as they started kissing hungrily. He carried her to his bed and this time their lovemaking was slow and gentle. They seemed to absorb each other as the passion built and they both cried out in joy.


David and family ~

David, brother of Sammy, his wife Cathy and the young adults of the family sat on the wide porch that overlooked the ocean.  The eldest daughter of Sammy and Laddie, Emily, sat near them, holding David’s hand. Emily’s husband stood behind her at the railing. The twins, Byron and Sean, sat on the railing, their wives in chairs in front of them. The seven grandchildren of Kevin and Sammy played out on the lawn, toys scattered all over. The day had turned out to be pleasantly warm and sunny after more than a week of thunder storms and heavy rains.

Upstairs, in their bedroom, Sammy, now ninety-eight, lay dying. Kevin sat in a chair close to the bed where he and Sammy had for many years spent their most cherished times together – their love, dreams and children were born here. The tears freely flowed as he gazed at Sammy. She finally slept calmly after a night of restlessness, her mind wandering back over the years. She had been losing track of time, first she thought they were still young and running on the shores of Tra More Beach in Donegal, Ireland.

Then she went back to the night of the thunder storm, making love with him as the rain soaked them and the thunder muffled their cries of joy. He smiled as he remembered the laughter when Sammy whispered, “..acorn..”.

Now she lay quietly in slumber. David waited stayed after the doctor had given her a sedative. When he knew it was time to leave, he stood at the bedroom door, hating to go.  “She may not make it through the day, Laddie. Send Nurse when you need me, call me when you need me,” he choked, “and I will be here,” his voice was shaking.  “And Laddie, you are pretty sick, too…”, David gazed at his beloved brother-in-law with tears in his eyes. “I will send Nurse in to sit with you.” Kevin could only nod as he sensed David’s pain of hurting for all of them.

Instead of going back out on the veranda with the family David went into Kevin’s office and sat down in the large soft chair by the window.

He needed some time alone to remember his life with Sammy and Kevin and all the wonderful memories. He remembered their double wedding ceremony in Ireland, as Kevin and Sammy, he and Cathy were married. He fell back in the chair when he suddenly remembered – today was their shared 50th wedding anniversary. He put his head in his hands and quietly cried. He cried like the boy he used to be as he sat by the bed when Sammy was so sick with pneumonia he thought she would die.

And now, years later, here they were again at the door to Heaven. Both Kevin and Sammy had pneumonia and he knew he was losing them both. He stayed there for several minutes more then went back out to the family.


Sammy whispered Laddie, sing me home ~

Turning to Samantha and seeing the face he had loved for so many years Kevin was taken back to the first day he had met her. They both had aged since then, but now, in peaceful slumber her face was that of the woman he first fell in love with.

That was when he tried to tell her he loved her. She kept avoiding the words he was trying to say to her, kept changing the subject and would walk away from him, pretending to look for sea shells. He finally gave up, sat down and sang, “Come by the hills,..”. When he had finished singing the song, staring out to sea, he turned to see how far down the coast she had wandered. He was surprised to see her standing not far away, staring at him with tears in her eyes.

“That was beautiful, Laddie,” she had said. Then she had turned and walked back to her cottage quickly. He had gotten up to follow her, but there was no indication Sammy had wanted him to, so he turned away and went home.

As he stared out the window now, remembering those days of long ago, he felt her hand on his. Startled, he looked down at her lovely face. She was awake, her still bright blue eyes gazing up at him. “Sing it for me, Laddie…sing me home, Laddie…,” she whispered.

Gently he raised her up, crawled behind her and held her as he leaned against the headboard with her resting on his chest. He put his arms around her, held her close to him and sang with the tears never stopping. He did not even notice the nurse when she came in and sat down in the corner armchair.  With great effort Kevin sang softly to Sammy, his voice weak from coughing and his lungs burning from fever and congestion. Yet he sang, the whole song.

Like that night of long ago on the beach in County Donegal he sang the song to her. Suddenly it seemed like they were back there, young and beautiful, the gentle winds blowing her long red hair around her shoulders, her white dress wrapping around her long beautiful legs. In the memory, his voice again was a rich baritone and he sang with no effort.  Again he saw her on the beach as she stood there with tears in her eyes. When he finished the song, she reached out her arms for him and this time he followed. ~ ~ ~ ~

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Sammy and Kevin's beach in Ireland
Sammy and Laddie’s beach in Ireland
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