Welcome to THE CREATIVE EXILES writing group. Here you will find some of the finest writers of poetry and fiction on the Internet. Come read and enjoy our poems and stories. We love to hear from you. Please leave a comment on articles you read so we can get to know you.


We are a diverse group of writers who came together to build a site where creative expression is encouraged and appreciated. Everyone in this group is an experienced writer of high quality content.

We all came from content sites and have written for the internet for years – quite frankly we got tired of editors inhibiting our individual styles and unique voices. When John Hansen, our CEO, came up with the idea of our own site for poetry and fiction he was surprised and thrilled to see so many of us jump on his band wagon – we were ready!

Come read and see what it is like when poets and fiction writers are set free to be all they can be.


A short time ago, I viewed a forum discussion about HubPages setting up new niche websites aimed to highlight various subjects/topics. There was some dissatisfaction expressed from poets and fiction writers about the perceived unimportance or relevance accorded to their chosen form of expression by Google, and the Internet in general (especially when grouped with other different genres and instructional types of writing).

Management stated they had no immediate plans (within the first 15 niche sites) to cater for poetry and fiction writing. With this being the case I made a suggestion that creative fiction writers and poets should start an independent niche site of their own. It would be better than individual blogs as there is strength in numbers.

I wasn’t surprised that other creative writers agreed with the idea, but I was amazed at the amount of immediate support and encouragement I received to make it a reality.

So from a simple suggestion a new website arose: “The Creative Exiles.”

Within days, some of the best creative writers and poets from around the Internet, volunteered to join and offer their services to make the site a reality. They have become our core team, and new membership requests are coming in each day.

Our selection committee is stringent in researching the existing works of all applicants for quality and compatibility with our vision, selecting only the best or most promising to join our team of authors.

Quality of writing is our highest priority, though we aim to make The Creative Exiles a place where good writers can become even better writers, expressing themselves freely without the restraints of word count, videos, polls etc.

I stress, we are not trying to poach writers from other websites. Many will continue to write instructional or informational articles as well as the odd poem or short story for places like HubPages. (I intend to continue writing there as well. I won’t desert my loyal followers.)

The Creative Exiles is however, offering a new way for poets and fiction writers to have their works easily accessed and read by an audience who will give creative writing the appreciation it deserves… instead of just being endured.

I am honoured to be the founder and CEO of such a wonderful team, so if you are a disgruntled creative writer, just looking for somewhere innovative to display your writing, or simply someone who loves to read poetry and short fiction, I welcome you to THE CREATIVE EXILES.

John Hansen,

CEO and Founder

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