Essential Rules

The Creative Exiles (TCE) Policies for all Members:

  • All posts, including articles and forums, must be in English. We pride ourselves in high quality content, so a good command of the English language is necessary if you want to post content on TCE.
  • No duplicate content is allowed on TCE even if it is your own content on another site.
  • TCE is not to be used as a platform for religion or politics. It is okay to write a poem or fiction story that is inspirational or expresses a political bent but not preaching to or converting others. If you are unsure you should submit your post to the Forum Topic “Request to Publish.”
  • Respect for others is always top priority. We have a great community. Supporting and helping each other is so important to keep our community a place of enjoyment for all.
  • Facebook Group: A fun place for chatting and getting acquainted with TCE members.
    If you are not already a member of the group, contact John Hansen to add you to the group.
  • Site is for Poetry and Fiction only.
  • Please do not write a lengthy introduction. Readers should not have to wade through a long intro to find your poem or story. A very  short intro is okay, a short author’s note at the end of your post is preferable.


Creative Exiles is all about allowing our writers freedom without interference – but we do ask that all members follow a few basic rules. They are as follows:

The site accepts creative writing (i.e. fiction and poetry) only.  No non-fiction please.  If you have expertise and wish to write a how-to piece about creative writing, it may be a welcome addition to our Writing Tips section:  please contact the editor to submit a proposal.

Duplicate content is not acceptable.   If your poem or story is currently published on any other website, we cannot accept it.   If you wish to publish it on our site, you must delete it from other websites first.  Hard-copy or ebook publication is not a problem and you are welcome to republish such pieces here.

Please limit profanity and sexual content.  Sometimes a shocking word makes more of an impact to the reader than “Gee!”:  however, please remember the site is visible to readers of all ages.

Each post must include an image.   If you use the Pixabay feature (click on the Pixabay button while creating or editing your post), you do not need to provide attribution.  Otherwise, please credit the photographer appropriately.  Please try to use a horizontal (landscape) image, not vertical (portrait), because this displays better on the front page.

The Yoast SEO section is there to help you.  It helps ensure that readers can find your story or poem online. If you find Yoast confusing or prefer not to use the system, we ask that you at least click the “edit snippet” button, where you can type in the title and description which appears on Google search results. Click here for more detailed instructions.

You can promote a book at the end of each post – but please, only ONE per post.

Finally, we’d like you to complete the “biographical info” section of your User Profile and also sign up for Gravatar.  These two things will allow your photograph and biography to be displayed in our Author’s Gallery, in the Author Box at the end of your posts, and in your comments.

And that’s it!   We could add rules about members respecting each other and behaving with courtesy on the site:  but we know that for all of our wonderful writers, that  goes without saying!


Note: strives to adhere to its guiding principle of allowing writers to write without hindrance: however, it reserves the right to vary or add to these rules, in consultation with its members, as necessary.

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