Editor Team Guidelines – All Members Please Read

At The Creative Exiles (sometimes referred to internally as TCE) we listen to the voice of our authors pertaining to editing procedures and SEO. We use the WordPress Yoast SEO plugin which helps in the editing process and search engine rankings.

Many authors do not look favorably on editing by an editor staff. The Creative Exiles Management Team has chosen to greatly relax editing and writing requirements. Editors will be the ones to focus on SEO requirements in Yoast so our writers can do what they do best – let their creativity come from the heart and publish their works.

Following are the only tasks an Editor will review and fix:

Focus Keyword: If there is no focus keyword, an editor will add a keyword or keyword phrase.

Snippet: If there is no snippet (meta description) an editor will add one, using a phrase in the post that contains the focus keyword or keyword phrase.

Category and sub-category: If there is no category or sub-category designated, an editor will choose the correct ones.

Tags: If there are no tags, an editor will add them. Up to six tags can be used, two-word tags are okay.

Images: If images do not have alt tags, an editor will add them. Alt tags should contain the focus keyword or keyword phrase. All images must be free to use. That means they have to be in Public Domain, Creative Commons, or personal property of the author. Each image must have an attribution attached unless it is from Pixabay.

Grammar, spelling, excessive profanity: Editors will not change anything in an authors post. If there are grammar or spelling errors, or excessive profanity, an editor  will contact author and suggest corrections. Excessive profanity is not allowed on TCE.

Duplicate Content is not allowed on The Creative Exiles If there is duplicate content, the author will be notified the post is marked ‘For Deletion’. The author will have to then either delete the content from TCE or the other site immediately. If the issue is not taken care of, the Senior Editor will delete the TCE post.


Authors on TCE have come here to have their writing set free. That is why the owner and founder chose the name The Creative Exiles to distinguish us as different from sites that demand harsh requirements of the writers. We believe a writer should feel free to write from the heart and not have to worry about the technical side of SEO.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact the Editor Team.

Thank you for being an important part of The Creative Exiles. We greatly appreciate our writers.


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