Posting Tips and Help for New Members

Help for new members is our concern and commitment.


Step-by-step instructions to help you get started on posting.

To Get started:

From your profile page or the Dashboard:

In the left pane click on Posts then click on Add New.

The Add New Post page will open.

In the right pane, choose your main category: Fiction,  Poetry, or Creative Writing, then choose a sub-category.

Enter your title. Tip: Think very carefully about your title. It should be at least 39 characters, but
does not have to be. The first word in your title, or the entire title if there are no stop words, should be your focus keyword. That keyword or key phrase should be repeated within your poem or story (at least twice for a 300
word post, four or five times for a 600 word post, the higher your word count, the more often the keyword should be within the text.)

Below the tool bar is the blank edit box. Click at the beginning of the box. Copy and paste your post in that box (or, you can type your post directly into the box, keep in mind that the text will double space each time you hit enter – if you want single space, then type your article in a word doc first then copy and paste it into the edit box).

Carefully check your spelling and punctuation. Misspelled words will be underlined in red. Highlight the misspelled word, then right click and choose correct spelling.

In the right pane, add your tags. You can have up to six tags, no more. Two-word tags are okay.


Every post must have a Featured Image. ALL IMAGES MUST BE AT LEAST 200 x 200 SIZE, but larger is better, 400X600 or close to it is best. To add an image, place your cursor where you want the image to appear in your text and click. Go up to the tool bar and click on Add Media if you want your own image (you must provide attribution such as copyright notice on the image) or Pixabay (no attribution required). When you choose your image an edit box will open. Choose the alignment and size you want. Enter your keyword (or phrase) in the boxes on the right, Title, Alt Text, and Description. The Caption can be left blank or you can add the caption you want to appear under your image in the post. Click on ‘set as featured image’ then click on
‘insert in post’.

Check your post to make sure the image is where you wanted it. If the image is to be at the top it should be a horizontal (wider than it is tall). This option is in the Pixabay image edit box. A vertical image can be used if it is to be placed to the left or right of your text.


Before publishing your post, consider using the Yoast SEO tool below your post. This is optional. If you choose to use Yoast, the aim is to get as many green dots as possible by reading the warning tips displayed and following the directions for each warning. If you choose not to use Yoast, then go to the next step.

Publish: If everything in your post looks right, click on the Publish button in right pane in the top
box and wait till the post refreshes. It will go blank, but do not worry, you have not lost it, it will
come back and when it does you can leave the post by going to the top of your screen and click on
View Post. If you need any help, leave a note in the Notes box on the right, start your note with Attn Editor.

YOAST SEO – this is an optional tool for writers

We use the Yoast SEO plugin which is a valuable tool if used properly. Yoast is what will help your post rank well in Google and other search engines.

If you choose to not use it, that is okay, for the Editor team will take care of that part for you. It is the responsibility of the Editors to make sure each post will rank well in search engines.

When you create a post, Yoast automatically assigns one of four colored dots to rank your post. You
will see how your post ranked by looking at the little traffic light in the top left of the Yoast SEO
box below your post. (Red is Bad, Black means there is no keyword, Green is Good, Orange is OK).

Just to the right of the traffic light is the Content status and a colored dot will reflect what is on
the traffic light. If there is a black dot it means you forgot to add a focus keyword. If you publish
a post with no keyword, it will not rank in search engines at all.

If your post has a red, orange or black dot, an editor will edit the Yoast box to assure your post is at least OK.  Sometimes just one or two minor fixes of the warning tips will make your post jump to green.

If you need any help with posting issues, do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you for being a part of The Creative Exiles. We highly appreciate our writers.


Who to contact for problems or questions:


  • To post in a forum click on new topic for the forum you want to post in. Please make sure you post in the correct forum based on what your topic is.
  • Please post in the ‘Introduce Yourself’ forum thread. (‘Private’ simply means for members only. Our forums are not for public use or view.)
  • The main forum is the place to discuss the joys and challenges of creative writing, and give and receive help and support from fellow authors.
  • Have a topic to talk about that is not related to writing? Post a new topic in the ‘Off Piste’ (Off Topic or Off Track) forum. The TCE forums are for discussions about writing. If you want to talk about anything else, please don’t clutter the main forum – this is the place to go off track!
  • Have a technical problem? Such as images not showing up, blank post, any problem concerning errors with your post other than Yoast SEO, then please post in the Technical Issues forum for help from John or Ralph.

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