Real Faces of Flying Monkeys -Tamara Yancosky Moore

Flying Monkeys, as described is this rhyming poem, are not the same cute little monkeys in which we take pleasure watching as they swing playfully from branch to branch, at the local zoo. These Flying Monkeys are, in fact, very much different. These Flying Monkeys are a ruthless, and despicable bunch.

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Covert Narcissist in Wolves Clothing

The Covert Narcissist is trying to fool Little Red Riding Hood by dressing up like a cute, fluffy wolf! After all, wolves are rather adorable-looking, but Narcissists are not. In fact, underneath the mask of a Covert Narcissist is a terrorizing entity where evil has made its full-time residence. Covert Narcissists are quite efficient at hiding their true, evil nature, until their masks slip.

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Narcissists Exploit Victims in Feeding-Frenzy

The ‘Predator and its Prey’ is the scenario that will be found in the relationship between a Narcissist and his/her Victim. The Narcissist is void of certain humanity traits which causes him/her to live an entirely predatory existence. Unfortunately, these dangerous personality disordered individuals ‘look’ like any other human-being, such as a neighbor, lover, counselor, Facebook Administrator of a “helpful” Site, friend, family member, fellow employee, and/or employer, ETC.,. This is why knowing the Red Flags is so important. Please scroll down for Rhyming Poem.

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