Her Magical Attic

With every bit of her –

Oh, how she missed him.

He’d promised to be there always

Who knew he’d be the first?

But on rainy days like this,

she had a secret,

no one knew.

She’d go on up to the attic

and there when she opened up the old trunk,

all of the old days would come back

and she could step into a time warp –

living it all again.

She knew that at that time,

he was right there beside her

and so with aching heart and creaking bones,

she made her way up to her magic attic.

In the gloom of the dark day,

it appeared lost in the shadows

and then she saw him –

there smiling and waiting.

So she pulled up the stool

and sat before the trunk,

opening the lid a light filled the attic

and like in a fantasy she saw it all again.

The big old oak tree,

outside in the garden,

beneath which they met,

that rainy day at school.

It was fate for sure,

afterward, they were never apart,

all of those days,

the laughter, the tears

and all the love they shared.

So many miles traveled together,

so much they had shared,

two children and four grandchildren,

but she never wanted to leave her house.

This was where their married life began,

where all the joys and sorrows were shared.

She remembered the first time,

she realized the magic of her attic,

it was not soon after,

when her heart ached so very bad

and she just wanted to see all the souvenirs,

they had collected all those years.

It was the first time,

that the magic glow,

had filled the old attic

and taken her on a fantastic journey,

through the years of their love.

It was the first time she had seen him again

and from then on it was her secret place.

Someday she’d tell her grandchildren

and perhaps they’d experience it as well,

but for now, it saved her –

from many a bad day.

When she had finished her journey,

she saw him as she had seen him the last time,

up on the hill by the river,

waving at her in the picture,

that last picnic they’d had

and with a thump, she closed the lid,

but somehow this time was different.

That glow didn’t disappear

and there he stood holding out his arms,

somewhere she heard their song playing

and she ran to him.

He held her so gently,

as they started to dance,

shimmering stardust –

glowed all around.

A day later they found her,

slumped against the trunk,

looking younger than her years,

a loving smile on her face,

she was still dancing with her love,

up there beyond the stars,

straight from her magic attic,

to the sky above

and to her eternal love.

Rasma Raisters
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Rasma Raisters

I am a poet and writer. I write for many different sites online. I have two published books of poems on Amazon - Poetic Thoughts Fly and On the Wings of Love.

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