Revenant (pt.2) – Leviæthan

Revenant (pt.2) – Leviæthan


‘neath the grim pallor of a Plutonian moon
Sheltered in the cloak of Phantom’s embrace
A tempest rages within flesh—entombed,
Ash and soot caress expressionless face


Deep into that fire peering,
Long she stood there pondering, hearing 
Voicesdistant —haunting, searing
’round a pyre, bodies chant, sway and twist


Motley figures —shifting, turning,
Seize the soul, within her, yearning
Faces, unclean —enticingstirring
A sweet longing, like unrequited kiss


O’ What vile pageantry! —provoking,
Her weary flesh into approaching
Weary flesh —engaged, encroaching,
Shorn of tattered garb and ragged stitch


Light and Shadow rhythmic’lly dancing
Upon the flesh—tends the mind to drift
Wolves hone in —circling, advancing,
Pounce upon prey and bind it swift


Lo! The horror of her plot unfolding
Atop the pyre—to their madness, beholden
Her wail, a dirge —reshaping, remolding
Their chant with a hex, through fervent lips


The darkest machination set in motion,
“Soon, I Shall Be,” softly spoken,
A hushed mantra, into crescendo growing,
The throng, silent! —quake like shackled wrists


The earth shudders—cracks beneath their feet
A chasmic yawn of insurmountable deep
Vengeance interred—on the precipice of sleep,
Through arms outstretched, the wind howls and whips


“So, I Shall Be—Remade! Unbroken!
Take This Flesh and Bone —As A Token!
Payment! An Oath With These Words Spoken!”
Echoing through the Endless Abyss


Shadow and flame, —coiling, winding,
Kisses flesh, —unburnt, undying
Her voice, shrill! —harrowing, climbing,
Shatters the firmament with perfect pitch


Down rain the heavens upon the wicked —squealing,
Whose righteous facades —smoking, peeling,
Reveal facesfamiliar —cruel, deceiving
Raze and ruin by one decried “Witch!”


Within the veiled Darkness sempiternal,
Souls, like dying stars, ignite the Black
Spiraling embers till bloom Inferno,
Long she gazed into the Abyss
—and It smiled back


Phantom cradles body and soul broken,
In death’s repose—
On still waters, softly drifts
Laid to rest—
No epitaph, no words spoken,
Upon her brow—
Placed a gentle kiss



Watch for more works like ‘Revenant (pt.2) – Leviæthan’  by Raven Mirthwood as he starts publishing. You can find Raven’s author page on The Creative Exiles at Raven Mirthwood (


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