“Encounter”-the Word

EncounterAre you ready for your next “Encounter”?


Encounter the space you are in…

Let old things pass away and new ones begin.

Encounter the wind blowing around your face…

Let the wind envelope you…before it leaves to another place.

Let all “Encounters” bring you Peace…

Let nothing sway you…while you pray on your knees.

Let every “Encounter” that you face…

Help your spirit to fly higher…then a rocket headed for Space.

May every “Encounter” that comes your way…

Make you a little stronger…a little better…for another day.

I wonder if you will… “Encounter” what lies ahead…?

Can you make the most of this day…before going to bed?

Have we met all there is to “Encounter”…Have we spread our wings to fly…?

Have we grown by all we’ve “Encountered”…Yet, we really don’t understand why?

I have “encountered”…many things up to this moment in time…

Much more than I could’ve ever dreamed of…from the corners of my mind.

I have lived through much that I have “encountered”…in my mind I know I’m winning…

I have “encountered” more than I imagined…yet I have to believe…it’s just the beginning.


Encounter things you never hoped for…and something new…

Encounter what has never been dreamt of…as blessings flow to you.

Encounter a day like no other…

Encounter a message…from a friend or brother.

Encounter something in your Spirit…sent from Heaven above…

Encounter Forgiveness…given to you through Love.

Encounter a polite word spoken…

Encounter a laugh…from someone jokin’.

Encounter a future…far better… than you ever thought…

Encounter a gift given to you…that you never could’ve bought.

Encounter healing…even if you have nothing wrong…

Encounter a wonderful memory…from a reminiscent song.

Encounter whatever it is…that’s out there…

Encounter what it feels like to really care.

Encounter what lies ahead…

Encounter while you can…before your dead.

Encounter all that life has to offer you…

You have so much to “Encounter”…before your days are through.


I have “Encountered” my world…every day…

I long to keep “Encountering” more things…up ahead in my way.

I do not want to hold back from each “Encounter”…that comes…

I want more “Encounters”…before a withered body finally succumbs.

So many “Encounters” in my life have defined me…as to who I be…

I am grateful for those “Encounters”…that have helped me see.

We all learn from our many “Encounters”…we all meet each challenge head-on…

And I have more “Encounters” to face…with each thing that I’ve “Encountered”…that’s gone.

“Encounters” are what make us…as we face each new thing along our path…

“Encounters” have sometimes changed us…as often we’ve learned from the “Encounter’s” wrath.

And also with a heavy heart…we’ve looked at our inner spirit…and thought that we can’t go on…

We must listen to our inner spirit…to remember that…We live for “Encounters” up ahead…right or wrong!

I take a moment to breathe…

Knowing that “Encounters” can bring joy or grief.

And seek something which can never be contained…

Knowing that in the next moment…my next “Encounter” might be refrained.

And look to the Heavens…and set my face towards another “Encounter”…To turn another page…

To a place where my “Encounter” and I meet to perform out destiny’s script…on Center Stage.


Looks Like You “Encountered” the END.


Notes on this Poem: As you read this piece…you might’ve noticed that there is one certain word mentioned over and over again. Well…I have to admit that I was having a little bit of fun with that word…and as I was doing so…I was able to explore the Importance of this word. This word is used frequently throughout this “Poem”. It is obviously the Central Theme to it. But also…I have to note that this word frequently describes itself over and over again.

Well…what do I mean by that?

Good Question.

Let me explain.

The best way to explain an “Encounter” is to “Encounter” it!.

It is really that simple.

It really defines itself and explains itself within the confines of itself.

A truly magnificent word that can be used in a variety of ways…over and over again.

(As I demonstrated.)

In fact, this word is such an incredible word that it became my Inspiration.

In fact, you could say that I encountered the word “Encounter”.

Suffice it to say, that in this Cyber-World where this “Encounter” Poem happens to live…It is necessary to use the word “Encounter” to explain “Encounter”.

That is just a real simple way to put it.

Yet…Perhaps the Modern Cyber-World doesn’t understand a divested approach with just one word…used over and over again?

Cyber-Space guidelines and Algorithms across the Nano-bit Universe are turning red from the mere mention of one word repeated over and over again.

How could this be?

Perhaps…they have yet to “Encounter” such an incredible display of wit in Poem Form.

Perhaps…I may have over done it way too much with repeating one word over and over.


Or Perhaps…the Cyber-World is still in its infancy and has not explored the many varieties that a word may have or can take shape of or be translated to.

Or…even the way upon which a single word can be used in the Art Form known as “Poetry”?


This is my long-winded explanation for going on a tangent…in a Poem…over a word.

I hope it helps explain to the All-Powerful Algorithm…that moves the Internet…just what in the “heck” I was talking about.


PEACE…to you friend!

(Thanks for Reading this one.)


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2 thoughts on ““Encounter”-the Word

  • February 6, 2024 at 4:59 AM

    I certainly did enjoy this one, Steve. It has great, varied rhythm and pace, taking us on from one form of ‘encounter’ to another, all of which I can identify with, all that life throws at us and which makes us who we are. Without them, what would we be? Not much!
    I’m trying to get back to publishing more here, as I’ve been absent for a while. Family and general ‘life’ (encounters!) intervene but now I’m find more time to write again.
    Keep writing! You have a personal ‘voice’ which resonates.
    All the best,

    • February 7, 2024 at 2:27 PM

      I am so glad that you enjoyed this one…as it is somewhat of a fun and respectful look at “Encounters”. Trying to always “Bring-it” with words…I got caught up in this one. Thank you for reading this one and for your great comment. Hope you are able to bring many more great works with your writing. Humble Regards, Steve

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