A Collection of Prayer

A Collection of Prayer
A Collection of Prayer

A Collection of Prayer

I. {First Prayer}

Domestic fragments

words written from depth of truth

dreary dead habit

awake by clear stream of reason

lead forward into action


This is my prayer

may your love take root in heart

all joys and sorrows

may my service be fruitful

strength to always bend my knee


thought my voyage done

exhausted all my power

time has come to fade

a silent obscurity

love’s melody knows no end


II. {Second Prayer}

When my heart hardens

all grace is gone from my life

tumultuous work

a din of machinery

beggars hand nothing but dust


Shower your mercy

fill the world with joyful song

bring a day of peace

enter into needed rest

fill me with wakeful thunder


How long till my work

ends to spend remaining time

riding on a boat

my life on this boat with you

to listen to my singing


III. {Third Prayer}

My daily struggles

hardships and different toils

sometimes I forget

you have already blessed me

you sit patiently and wait


Tidings from the sky

messenger of happiness

passing breath on a sweet breeze

I have heard your silent steps

walk patiently besides me


Perfume of promise

of kindness every day

love’s fragrant notes in May

lift sorrow with golden touch


IV. {Fourth Prayer}

Some days hold no songs

strain to hear birdsong through wire

think only labor

logic and reason push me

to earn as much as one can


Settled down for nap

towards the sound of nature

away from the pain

new songs from a deep deep sleep

to wake and see your calm smile


You stand above me

your hand outstretched to help me

so many, many to save

break from a divine heaven

offer heart to bring peace


V. {Fifth Prayer}

Sometimes I forget

only you provide freedom

from these shackles built

when my thoughts find themselves trapped

strong cages of self-pity


Instead of your grace

spend money of Holy Men

gather around me

as they steal in front of you

they seem full of smiles and kind


Small pieces of me

all that is needed to reach

your presence again

leftovers from a darkness

carefully cleansed with love


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