Days of “Moving Along”

I’m “Thinking on Things” in this Poem. Hope you enjoy reading Days of “Moving Along” as much as I did in making it.



moving along
“I’m not ashamed to say that I try to figure this World out.”










Days of “ Moving Along”


To “Move Along” each day…with all you have to do…

Keeps you moving forward with all the hoops…that you jump through.

But I am glad for the Days of “Moving Along” that are well behind me now…

How’d I ever get through them days…I honestly don’t know…anyhow.

Days of clocking in early on the job…part of the “grind”…We all must do…

Days of commitment to ourselves and others…doing what’s required of you.

Hey…I’m not trying to make this Poem sound particularly sad…

I’m trying to add some “cheer” and “fun” to it…so it don’t sound too bad.

But this is the title I chose to work with…one day…I’ll try to push it through…

That’ll teach me to become inspired…with a topic…while I have the flu!

Please don’t let the misery get to you…and fill your thoughts with apathy…

If this Poem starts becoming sad…you have my sincerest apology.


I always believed there would be brighter days; Just never believed they wouldn’t last…

But Hey…that’s what I get for trying to figure out anything from my past.

I once reached a point where joy got erased from my life…

I was mentally moving on with every challenge filled with strife.

There were days of “Moving Along” …Happy and Sad….Right and/or Wrong…

Good thing about any days that are bad…is…they never last that long!

Like the bullfrog sitting on a pan…who doesn’t know…they turned on the heat.

I was going full speed ahead…but finding out…where the rubber meets the street.

Hope you don’t get offended with what I say…don’t take this to heart…

But I choose to put into words what I cannot truly explain…in part.

Days of things go by…

I catch the wind…but I cannot fly.


It’s important…in life…to grab for what you try to attain…

But you’re more often going to get that “reaching” hand…slapped in pain.

So go for the gusto…give it all you got…’Cause you will pay your due…

Ain’t nothing comes cheaply…somehow…you’ll have the last dime wrenched out’ta you.

Days of things that go on and on for me…are clearer when I go sit by the Sea…

That’s when looking out over the water…brings forth a calm tranquili-ty.

What a crazy dizzy wild ride that I have somehow signed-up for…

Guess now…looking back…there’s no way we know what’s in store.

No…Not for any of us…that is…

We rock in a boat between Seasick and bliss.

Not trying to make this Poem all about me…

(Which for sure it is…certainly.)

On this Clear Fall Day…Things just be the way…they just be.


God Bless Dear Ol’ Mom and Dad…The best Parents I ever had.

Made sure of my well-rounded education…and I’m glad!

Oh… for the days I see further on…with some forward looking and thinking…

My New Dreams ahead ain’t rolling-up fast for me…as I slouch deeper in my chair…sinking.

Can’t say…for sure…even now…if my learning is complete…

Can’t say…also…that I don’t want to stop now and kick up my feet.

I’ll get back to things that need to get done…in an hour or two…

Got a long list of things I still…have yet to do.

(Good Lord: When will this “To-Do” List ever get through?)

Kind of ambiguous…these lines are…on this work…

Not trying to come off sounding…like some jerk.

I’m not ashamed to say that I try to figure this World out…

Without “bottling-up” everything inside…Leaving room for doubt.


‘Cause this “Writing Thing”…is kind of therapeutic.

I might get a chuckle out of a line or two…when I’m old and arthritic.

Oh Sorry…I don’t mean to exclude you the reader…

Next time I’ll try to keep my jumbled thoughts a little neater.

Looking into the Deep Ocean of the many intricacies that make us…who we are…

Seems as I try to figure things out…I miss the Target…by far.

I’m so glad I took this mental journey…right now…at this moment to-day…

’Cause I’m not sure what occurred to me…in the middle of this “Poetic Jour-ney”.

I’m just sitting here…”confuzzled”(*)…in the middle of a traffic jam…

Tell the guy honking behind me…to “Stop”…I’m “texting” as fast as I can (**).

Trying to figure everything out…in the middle of life…may seem of “High Impor-tance” …

But ultimately… you’re going to come to one conclusion:

“Things Just Make No Sense!”




“Hey…Why isn’t this Guy “Moving Along””!?


















(*) confuzzled: A Slang Term: simultaneously confused and puzzled; a portmanteau of ‘confused’ and ‘puzzled.’ My Granddaughter was explaining this word to me recently. I like it!

(**) Just Jokin’!


Since I’m “Thinking of Things”…in the above Poem…let me take another moment to explain my “Style” of Poetry:


If you have gotten to the end of this one and gone: “Huh” … I’m pretty sure I was not intending this Poem to come out the way it did. (I’m going to try to pretend I had this all planned out…when it was really a Poetic Journey for me.)

You see I only intend to rhyme. That’s my goal set. Sorry…if I complicated it in anything I might’ve written previously. I’m going for the slow sentences mixed with fast ones…mixed with a few “Zingers” (Lord Willing!)…to get to my end.

I love “If” by Rudyard Kipling and “Charge of the Light Brigade” by Alfred Lord Tennyson. (There was a “Charge of the Heavy Brigade at Balaclava” by him as well…less famous Poem.) I remember when I was a kid and heard a teacher read: “The Charge of the Light Brigade”. My heart started to pump a little faster to all the courageous words.

(Now…even more so…for personal reasons…The Courage of it and the fact that it’s a true tale.)

“On with the light brigade, was there a man dismayed.” (That is a powerful sentence.)

Whoa… not sure if I quoted that right off the top of my head… But it’s close enough to see the action, the truth, and the courage.

I say all this to say…that as great as those words are in the above-mentioned poems (and they are great poetic tales) …when it comes to shooting from the hip: Nonsense Poetry is my abundant forte’.

“Ah… the Fumerous Bandersnatch.”

“His blade went snicker snatch”

“Has thou slain, the Jabberwock my son come to my arms my Beamish boy”

By: Lewis Carroll… I’m pretty sure you can guess the title.  (All lines done from memory…so they might be missing a piece out’ta them.)

How do you tell your teacher in the fourth grade…who is so proud to tell you everything about this Poem…that you got it the first time?

When it comes to “Jabberwocky”: This was the coolest Dad ever…He got into the Spirit of the young boy’s imaginary foe…the one that the young child imagined he was ready to meet head-on…with a homemade wooden sword…out in the backyard.

Well, who doesn’t like “Jabberwocky”?

And then there’s Dr. Suess…also a genius in making up his own rhymes. (Don’t need me to tell ya’ that!) I bet I was the only one in first grade…who after the teacher read the book: “The Cat in the Hat” …was like…come on Dr. Suess… you could elaborate a little bit more…you were on a roll! That was only like 15 pages… The books thinner than a pencil… We only have about three or five sentences a page…I Want More Crazy “Zingers”!

Well…Dang…I can sure be long-winded.

But Hey…I’m Writing Here! Takes some mental cold starts before the oil pressure gets ready for a full start…with the throttle open…and brain firing on all cylinders.

One of these days… I’m going to do my own Videos.  That way I can read out loud to show how these Poems of mine are supposed to sound. ‘Cause after about 15 years of getting serious about writing Poetry…I have begun to realize that people can’t read my mind.

Yeah, it took a while to figure that out… I’m fast like that!

Let me try to put it into terms…the rhythm that is in my brain and what best could be described as an accompaniment for said rhythm. Though I’m hardly able to put it into precise words, I would go with Hank Williams, Sr.: “Lovesick Blues” …and Jerry Reed: “When You’re Hot…You’re Hot”.

(Yes…they are some real old songs!)

Put those both together without the musical instrumentation…and you would be pretty dang close…to what the rhythm sounds like to All my Poems…inside my head! (Look them up…wait I’ll put them below.)

[Note: They live rent free in my brain.]

And since I seem to be bringing up things, I’ve been meaning to say this thing for a while now. Please, let me say that I do wholeheartedly encourage critique. (No matter how wrong you are!)

I am always, always trying to make the next Poem…better than the one I just did.

“Hey…whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” (A famous quote that is credited to: Friedrich Nietzsche.) I heard a Marine Major use this quote once and it seemed more applicable to the Marine Corp.

My point to this rambling: “Art is where you find it”… and I consider Poetry Writings to be an Art Form in Words.

After all, and I’ll close on this: Consider: What if…by chance…Willie Nelson had let a Music Teacher tell him he couldn’t sing or play the guitar?

What do I mean by that…? I once had a Voice College Professor critique Willie’s singing compared to the “standard” of Music training. And, by Willie’s own asseveration, he first just strummed on the guitar in his early days. And, is now recognized as a great Guitarist who can “catch up to the beat” with his style. My point is that “Willie” went out and pursued his Art Form. How many Concerts, Albums, and Songs do we have from him now? How much of a part of Musical influence is “Willie”? How legendary is his Voice and his Music?

(BTW…I consider Willie’s Versions of Everything he does to be: Classic!)

Hey… Now, that I am through.

You know you can close this Web page out at any time…Right!?

Ain’t no one said you had to read down to the last line.


(Thanks for reading!)

moving along
The Legend: “Willie Nelson”














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