Dawns Song ~ and Twilight Serenade

Dawn's Song

Dawn’s Song

The sky’s palette is pink and blue,
As the sun paints its morning hue.
We stretch and rub our sleepy eyes,
And feel the warmth of the sunrise.

This is the song of dawn, my dear,
A pleasant tune that we can hear.
We sing along with joyful mirth,
And celebrate our life on Earth.

Then, later when the sun is high,
I take your hand gently in mine.
We stroll down to the waterfall,
A sound of love, we heed the call.

The perfect place I had to find,
To ask the question on my mind.
I see the answer in your eyes,
A spark of love that never dies.

And when the sun has set again
Beneath the moon, I hold your hand.
We whisper secrets in the dark
I feel the beating of your heart.

For twilight also sings a song,
Telling me our love is strong.
The crickets play their melody,
A serenade for you and me.

We watch the fireflies dance and glow,
As they perform their magic show,

Dawn's Song
Twilight serenade

2023 © John Hansen: All rights reserved.
Australian writer

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John Hansen

Longtime poet but not in the traditional technical sense. I enjoy rhyme but like to experiment and dabble in many different forms and maybe even make up some of my own. There is always a message or lesson I want to promote through my writing, for that reason, my poetry generally shies away from the abstract and obscure. After a lot of procrastinating I have finally self-published my first eBook of poetry "I Laughed a Smile" at Lulu.com. Now I find myself branching out and experimenting with short fiction. I have also been fortunate to have two poems chosen to be made into songs and recorded. The first "On the Road to Kingdom Come" by Al Wordlaw, and the second, "If I Could Write a Love Poem" by award-winning Israeli/British singer Tally Koren. I am also finding my services increasingly in demand as a freelance writer and I have ghost-written the text for a number of children's books and educational tutorials. It has taken me many years of searching and restlessness to realise that my life's passion is to write. It saddens me that I wasted so many years not devoting to that, but thinking positively, the experiences gained over those years are now wonderful material for my stories and poems. I want to try to bring a new focus on poetry and try to make it appealing to a new generation of young people and those who thought they never liked or understood it before.

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