To the Abode of the Damned

To the Abode of the Damned
To the Abode of the Damned

To the Abode of the Damned

I. The Damned

Time to dig oblong square for narrow crate

to lie on ground as grass pushes around

when ear drums no longer pick up a sound

to live in rots empire accepting fate.

This constant stumbling over grave’s door

those who live sigh conquered by death daily

feel strain backwards from old to a baby

deeper passage under every floor.

This final wretched moment poor men hold

has stopped at midnight their life diminished

with helping hand from demons up from Hell.

One demon’s claw embraces heart in fold

this clock of flesh has fallen its finished

I dance this dying dance extremely well.


II. The Grave

Overlook the greedy eyes of this grave

ailing atmosphere consumed by poison

that slowly removes an ounce of reason

pressure of earth on chest makes me a slave.

This bizarre regalia of spirits

abysses at my feet open dread’s fall

upon my head as gold I learn to crawl

away from grave after learning merits.

So confused and cold in a bitter thought

flirtations between angel and demon

Devil’s voice arrests my body my will.

While living I sought to never get caught

and now I fight to hold onto reason

as I fall into eternities swill.


III. The Adobe

A journey to eternal emptiness

an ancient time-honored custom for poor

eternity for rich who want some more

they search and search as if to solve their mess.

Here smothered loathsome forsaken corpses

fall slowly into Hell’s metallic jaws

for some reason in my ears a Crow caws

to left I see mutilated horses.

Clutch pointed claws fluttering fugitive

without restraint they wilt, they char, they burn

fiery powers hide scented flower.

All pain from here on out is punitive

eternity to watch each torture turn

around and still my senses hold power.


IV. Eternity

Anxious company due to lack of care

an ill luck turned to anguish and dismay

to die then to wake demons start to flay

this unholy work monsters find no cure.

Around all treasure a darkness still loomed

so a gloom surrounds without any end

to live with entrails out and never mend

and notice my hair is perfectly groomed.

Ability to make decisions numb

sink and grope reeling in my half paces

a mesh of demons tangled agonies.

I look at now bloodied fingers and thumb

no thought on other’s similar cases

my neural mass has entered entropy.

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