Promises Kept

Promises Kept


Dumbfounded you are in the allurement of youth

Younger hands grasping the diadem of growth

Clandestine breaths mouthed of new fervid sooths

Steadfast the rising pursuit for paramours to host


The skies watch as frailish chrysalises emerge

From glass shells, the world is their come of age

Like butterflies reach their wings apart and diverge

sighs come heavily as held when they fracture their cage


Down the hall, fated, are these self-made cells

Inside these cells are abstract souls draped in dust

They mumble and growl, and are clearly unwell,

But for a rub of the eyes, is the hope they’ll adjust


With despair commingled, to be banished again,

to hallway depths stricken, and uneven once more

Sovereignty, a desirous bone, each day depends

On which monsters are there behind which doors


Doorknobs glowing afire, with what we know not

A burnt-up heart, perhaps the scraps of a recoiling wing?

Defensive gear equipped, amassing some good thoughts

Preparing for the bees that will come and assuredly sting.


Shields newly erected; pathways cleared for open arms

In reception of the vicious stingers or a big, giant hug

Eyes frightening and piercing red, intending to harm,

Or like a river sluice gate opened, the greeting is snug.


A sword should be garnished or a fresh box of Puffs Plus,

Weapon selections depend on the mood of room

Silence is still a silent killer yet can still be discussed

But not as a sentiment that follows impending doom


Now I know given space can be quite the savior

perchance these lurking webs could unfurl themselves

if so then clarity could be deemed as something savored

Or once more, clarity may a nudge to be compelled


The room is now prepped with parental stethoscopes,

And intangible notepads for jotting with warm ink pens

My ears tuned for stories from these little misanthropes

My kids who weave a teenage journey of woe and when


These babies, their little hearts exuviating from the floor.

Amen for whiskey and ginger ale, the byproduct of sacrilege,

But their hurt was deep, and dark like a molten reactor core

Even “Chernobylites” would be paled by such a razor’s edge


My chest feels like blisters burning for emotion’s war

Frenzied these feelings, in earnest seeking moral direction

To be a child’s keeper, oh Lord, please Lord, rest assured,

Evil will be crushed, by my heel with wroth intention


I am no hero, but do not fret, I look not with the dragon’s eye,

But contemptuous young whelp, the consequence of vile theft

it shall be the impetus of this fire brewing and cast the dye

to paint the halls swiftly of justice, as closure for tiny hearts bereft


And no prison have I, an angry father, to unfrown their maws

To re-spark the lasting glimmer from within their sight

my judgment wings dug up once more from my drawers,

as rubber hits the dirt, distance grows in the brake lights


No force could raze this rage ridden, immovable object

Nor any tempt of coolant could placate a father’s ire

I should cut the head from the snake right at the neck

Watch it squirm a while, writhing in pain, then expire


Dust trodden are the apexes of miniscule respect

This microcosm of regard he never shared with her

Vain the upbringing as such, inculcated with neglect

To treat young girls as if rubbish or morally inferior


First stop will be him, next stop will be his skin suit folks

They may be unknowing of yet, but I will let them know

When you poke a rampant furnace the inferno stokes,

Conflagration rages forth, and ashes reaped are sewn


promises kept


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Proud father of 3. Part time writer of poetry and short stories. I want to paint the world in but a few words.

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