Yield to Time

Yield to Time …

I think I’ve found a new love for writing in haiku, taking song titles from some of my favorite bands and trying to fit them into a haiku poem is just plain fun. On a side note: I’d like to thank Jamie for using haiku poetry in his writing, it has given me the means and influence to write these poems. Anyway on with the damn thing.


Yield to Time


To the River Cross

Red Mosquitos fly across

Bugs Downwind of course


I was so Alive—

Then, Amongst the Waves I thrived

A Better Man I


Paint no more in Black

The truth, this soul Garden tracks,

Nothingman is back


I Go, Not For You

But as My Father’s Son’s do

Down the road for truth


…with Just Breathe advice

A Wishlist for paradise,

Why Go home for life…


In Footsteps we play

Future Days of Getaways

Habits end in haze


Jeremy today

Spoke in(spoken) Immortality

On his Porch he swayed


Off He Goes Released

Sirens took him to his peace

Swallowed Whole deceased


We couldn’t Save You

And you Got Some issues too,

The Fixer failed you 


In Hiding I grieve

Once or twice, to find reprieve

Oceans come and leave


Sandy’s Footsteps strewn

Shore found peace in Yellow Moons

Save You types of tunes


One Last Kiss it fits

Life Wasted, in beer and piss,

Faithfull days dismissed


yield to time


For more works by this author see Paul Neglia on The Creative Exiles.


You can also see more great work by Paul Neglia on HubPages, where he goes by his pen name ‘pnknucklez’.


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Paul Neglia

Proud father of 3. Part time writer of poetry and short stories. I want to paint the world in but a few words.

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