Finding Closure and Change


We all have addictions, yet a lot of us forget that it is not just our accomplishments that make us who we are but also our own personal demons, addictions, mental challenges, and even failures that also make us who we are and how we overcome them defines us.   Although they never fully go away, but in some way persist in trying to destroy us, the key is to offset them with something better.  We should always strive to find these “better ways”.  In other words, we know and remember how good it is to indulge in these forbidden appetites but also know what consequences always come as a result when we do, and so finding a better way, by discovering newer interests while creating healthier appetites and NOT needing these older former ways, is the struggle and journey for us all.

Someone once said “We don’t cry because we are weak, but because we have had to be strong for too long”, and perhaps we have been focusing too much on staying strong instead of seeking closure and letting go so that we can transition to a newer and better version of our lives.  I wrote this poem to inspire those who are holding onto addictions while trying to stay strong in hopes of  encouraging you to let go, get the help that you need, and then move on with your lives in that new and better place and version of yourself.

“Finding Closure and Change”

How about getting off Psychotropics?
How about getting off Mood-Stabilizers?
How about getting off Alcohol, Tobacco and Meth?
How about not needing Marijuana for anything?
How about not “Needing” when I’m filled up?

Thank You Obsessive-Compulsiveness
Thank You Anxiety
Thank You Insomnia
Thank You Anorexia
Thank You Pornography
Thank You Narcissism
Thank You Prideful
Thank You Impatience
Thank You Vanity
Thank You Jealousy
Thank You Hurt and Brokenness
Thank You Loneliness

Thank You Neurotic, Psychotic, and yes even you Psychiatrist, for all of your lovely “Sandcastles in the Sky”
The moment I left all of you, was the moment I finally touched down

Thank all of you, for how good it feels to no longer blame you for everything
Thank all of you, for how good it feels to forgive you, only because I was finally…finally able to forgive myself

Thank you for making me who I am today, because of this, I no longer need any of you for anything, anymore.

Thank You!


Written by Jeff Andreis, Dec 5, 2022
Inspired by the song from Alanis Morissette; “Thank U”


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7 thoughts on “Finding Closure and Change

  • December 26, 2022 at 7:56 PM

    This was an informative and inspiring piece in addition to the poem. For those suffering addiction there is always hope. Once upon a time I had a gambling addiction, but fortunately it never caused me to get into debt. I did realise it was becoming a problem and stopped. Now I may have a wager once or twice a year. I have never smoked or used drugs, and drink sparingly. Thanks for sharing, Jeff.

    • January 1, 2023 at 1:20 AM

      Thank you so much John. Your comments on not only this poem but my others are like a breath of fresh air and a warm welcome to someone like me who is still very new to TCE as a writer. I’m still figuring myself out and discovering new things and methods as a writer and it is words like yours that inspire me to keep writing. Happy New Year my friend. Take Care and God Bless and may you have much success in 2023.

  • December 31, 2022 at 6:27 PM

    Jeff, this piece is motivating and inspiring. It is powerful in its own right with a simplicity that gets the message across and provides food for thought. I am going to share it on FaceBook if that is okay with you. Thank you for writing this important piece. Well done.

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